Saucony Men's & Women's Hurricane ISO 3

And now Woot has gone all in the apparel pricing disaster known as Amazon. $29.99 dollars but no idea what is the secret combo that gives you that price. Nothing more frustrating than this chain of events I’ve had with the wife multiple times.

Wife: “Look Amazon email says they have kids crocs for $9.99”

Me: “Even though they don’t need any right now might as well grab the next size at that price”

Wife: “Let me click on the link and get some”

Fifteen minutes pass by and the wife screams “It says they start at 9.99, but every size color combination I try comes up with a price of 29.99 to 34.99. Look a slightly different style for 10.99. I’ll try that.”

Rinse, repeat and lather a couple of times and an hour of our life is lost and still no crocs or we’ve gone to the croc site and found a style on sale for 15 bucks no matter what size or color is chosen. Needless to say I’ve stopped even trying to find apparel on Amazon just for sanity’s sake.

Not really all that difficult. Women’s are $29.99. Men’s are $63.99. It’s a price range. Pretty standard in the retail world. :slight_smile: