Saucony Running Shoes

We’re trying out a new-ish thing here at Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE SAUCONYS AND MOAR SAUCONYS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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what if the shoes don’t fit?

You must acquit!

You must acquit.

Single day plus sales seem to be creeping in on daily sales more and more lately. If you’re gonna do it that way, can you at least still include the discussion under the main “Woots” tab instead of the “Woots Plus” tab.

Oh man, those blue ones are soooo blue I couldn’t say no. Can’t wait to get them.

Saucony Page

Check out the product page for the Men’s Omni 12 and great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

ride 6 page from Road Runner sports.

How do the sizes compare to nikes?

The Omni’s are full support shoes, and I have been wearing them for multiple half marathons. Got three coming up this fall, figured it is time for a new pair, and was just about to drop $120 on a pair…

For once, I think woot’s list price is under actual retail price. Koodus to Woot for picking up a nifty deal. (now to just hope they aren’t really referbs…)

Mail order tip for others: Couldn’t for the life figure out what was wrong with a pair I bought off of Amazon, then checked the size markings, and lo and behold, one was the right size, the other was a full size smaller. My wife had the same thing happen with a pair she bought from Kohls. 'course, I know woot will never make this mistake.

Can somebody give me a rough idea of the difference between the Omni and the Ride6? I’m not a shoe connoisseur…

Yeah shoes are one thing I definitely can’t buy online. At the shoe store it takes me several pairs of the same size shoe to find one that fits right.

The omni 12 woman’s shoe has mixed reviews on amazon. The biggest complaint seems to be fit. Main suggestion seems to be to order a half size up and hope for the best.

I’ve measured my foot to confirm against the sizing chart. What’s the return policy if these don’t fit right?

I run/live in Sauconys and there’s a few things to know:

They’re wider than most other running shoes, especially in the toebox. If you’re used to Nike’s they may feel loose or not lace up as tight.

The lighter shoes, like my favorites the Kinvara’s, don’t last as long as some other shoes because the sole rubber is a little softer.

There are also reports of problems with the upper tearing, but that’s never happened to me through a lot of miles.

Sizing: I feel they fit true, perhaps a hair big. I’m a 10.5 in most shoes and a 10.5 in Saucony.

Lastly, any day of the week you can get them for the same price or less at The return policy is great, too, if you’re worried about sizing. I seem to buy a pair of shoes there every other week.

The Omni 12s are currently $71.99 at This is a great deal for these shoes.

I’ve been running in a pair of the Men’s Omni 12 shoes for about 6 months, and they feel great to me. I got them at a store where you try on a bunch of shoes and they watch you run in each and then tell you which is best for you based on your form, and these are what I ended up with.

Also I have them in the really loud blue and yellow and they look awesome.

Saucony has a 90 return policy. If they dont fit or have issue within the 90 days can they be returned to Saucony or back to Woot if that dont fit Comfortably?

I’ve never tried a pair, but did some looking. One difference is the Omni is better for those who’s foot leans in when running, the Ride is better for those that lean out. Since I tend to walk/run more on the outside of the foot, the Ride would be better.