Saute' Your Own Way

What’s your favorite item to saute’?

Is there a brand…?

Looks like Regal Ware. Click on the “Specs” tab.

Good reviews during a Plus sale last month.

The 8 and 10-inch stainless pans were sold in a Wootoff in May. There’s no post with the price, but based on this earlier sale, it looks like that set was available for $5 less, not that long ago.

Sorry I wasn’t more thorough about tracking down the dates and all. I was just looking to see if I could find any prior reviews for the 8 & 10" set. The good news is the reviews are generally good; the bad news is that I could have gotten them cheaper a few months ago!

Edit: oh, wait, different model numbers. Oh, and, those were 8 & 10", these are 10 & 12". Details, details!

Tri-ply is fantastic!

I don’t have this brand, I have Cooks brand that I bought from JCP, I’m getting some of these to add on, I’m hoping they’ll be as good.

Just as a general rule, don’t spend a lot on nonstick pans. No matter how fancy, expensive, or sciency the coating, it will eventually start to scratch or flake off. A quick look at reviews from Amazon shows that while these outlast the cheapest Calphalon pans, they will eventually fail.

You could send it in for a warranty replacement, but you pay for shipping both ways, about $25. Also note the rivets that are used to attach the handle. Those aren’t “non-stick” and your sauce will get into those crevices.

For that money, I would recommend something like this for your nonstick needs. No rivets, and the white surface makes it easier to spot scratches.

As with all things, if you take care of them, they will last longer. That means don’t use metal utensils (Bamboo is a good choice), hand wash (it may be “dishwasher safe,” but dishes can bang around and scratch) and don’t stack other pans inside them, or hang them where they bang together.

10" covered saute pan (the one with the solid lid, not the glass lid) is available for $60 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Save $15 here on woot.

You know what irks me? When people can’t be bothered to insert the é character, so they use e’ instead. With 21st century technology it’s not that difficult to use accents! But then, this is home.woot, not tech.woot…

I have a regalware pan that came with my woot! purchased induction cooktop. It is of high quality, works well, easy to clean (yes, the plain stainless steel, i do not use the nonstick) and the heavy weight stainless steel that is a pleasure to cook in. It is also nice that it is made in the USA, and that it can go in the oven, on gas, electric, ceramic or induction ranges.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this brand if i didn’t already have a ton of high quality cookware.

Most of us don’t have that key on our keyboard. Who really cares, anyway?

I have a couple of the Bialettis, and it’s been an education in what cooking looks like - I’d never noticed how easily butter burns in a black pan, but in the white pan? You see everything.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve got/had Regal Ware pots and pans, and they were ok enough.

Keyboard shortcut is alt 0233 (hold down the alt while typing those numbers on the numpad). I’ve had this memorized for a while now, along with ™ (0153) for silly reasons.

…which is not to take sides on the “To é or not to é” debate, just that it’s not a key so much as a code.

thanks for the éducation. on a mac it’s option-e then e. I suspect the cruel woot writers are going to make fun of one or both of us for this discussion.

That’s great information for those with a standard 102 key keyboard. When you’re using a laptop where you have to select num-lock, then hold function+alt then press the numbers printed on the edge of the correct letters all while in “hope and pray mode” (since it doesn’t work half the time), it’s not as easy as you think!

Consider yourselves mocked. :slight_smile:

DO you know what irks me???
Some people’s sentence construction.
You know i’m just joking??

(You see what i did there?)

I knew somebody was going to find a fault in my post and get me back for it. I tried to smooth out any bad spots as best I could, but in the heat of the moment, I guess I forgot proper sentence construction in favor of colloquialism :stuck_out_tongue:

And so, to you sir (or madam) I say: touché.

Also, I do my accents differently from any posters yet. I speak French (hence the pet peeve on accents), and I have my keyboard set up so that I can toggle between English and French using Alt+Shift. When I’m in French mode, just pressing the number ‘2’ will give me an ‘é’ :slight_smile:

Theya re teh American Kitchen triply line, which was formerly marcusware. The line is discontinued, and can be had cheap at BBB with a coupon. I picked up a set a few weeks ago and have since added a 10" teflon and teh steamer.

Very high quality for the price. Tempted to add more
edit: picked up the 10" sauté pan

Heh, and here I thought we all could avoid that sort of thing. :slight_smile: