Saute' Your Own Way

I have been looking for affordable high quality stainless steel pans to replace my 13 year old scratched and peeling non-stick pans. The reviews on Amazon are mostly 5 stars. I couldn’t decide on what size sauté pans to get, so I bought all 3. Thanks Woot!

Oh, totally. Things like that drive me nuts when I’m on a laptop. God didn’t make perfectly good 102-key keyboards just for some on-the-go whippersnapper to cut them all off to fit on his crazy lappertopper thingamajig.

OK, so I ended up buying the the 10 & 12" sauté pan set on the 14th. They arrived yesterday, not bad, Woot!

Tried out the smaller one last night, to fry some fish fillets. It’s the stainless set, not the nonstick. I just used olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan, not very deep. The fish was lightly floured.

First observation: I think I need to get used to regulating the heat with these. The end results were fine, nothing was stuck to the bottom, and the fish cooked in the expected amount of time. The browning wasn’t all I would have wished, though that was mostly due to the fact that I had turned down the flame under the pan, b/c I was afraid it would retain more heat than the lightweight pan I usually use. I think with a little more experience it’ll be just fine. It’s a good weight, looks really nice, and I did like the long handle, which didn’t get too hot to grab.

If someone reads this in reference to a future sale, so far, it’s thumbs up! Next test will be using the bigger one to roast a chicken or some veg, but barring a major disappointment, I don’t plan to post another review.