Savage PB vs Wild J

I feel a midnight munchy attack coming on!

That’s why I never really liked PB + J sandwiches; I could taste the blood! Tasty shirt though ; )

This is totally how I’m going to start making my PB & Js.

That’s one sticky situation.

A classic Walmazan ‘violent food with faces in a tasty predicament’ design.



It strikes me as poor taste. Since I don’t see recognizable items of boxing or MMA attire or even a ref, it looks more to me like it is casting condiments as participants in a domestic violence dispute.


Those lines in the background are the ropes as in a wrestling ring. Also, their faces are made to resemble a classic luchador mask.
I guess this just illustrates that you can be offended at anything if you try hard enough.

App shows free shipping, try to buy and $5 shipping applied! What up?

Our app hasn’t been updated yet to show that the shirts now have a lower price and use the cart ($5 shipping per order). Sorry for the confusion.

Bah Gawd that sandwich has a family

Grats Wences- this is all kinds of funny!