Save 50% Off on 2+ Shirts: 12/29/20


December 29 - December 31, 2020

1. Stop by and browse our collection to cover your nakedness or just shop for your new work-from-home wardrobe (pants not required).

2. Add 2 (or more!) apparel items to your cart. This can include t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, zip hoodies, raglans, and women’s v-necks.

3. Voila! We’ll drop the price by 50% at checkout. Hooray!

4. What are you waiting for? Shop Now !

Restrictions and fine print:

  • Discount applied at checkout.
  • Offer excludes non-apparel items such as posters, blankets, and totes.
  • You can order as many times as you want. If you wanna buy 2 MILLION shirts, we’re not stopping you!
  • Free shipping does not apply to international orders.
  • Minimum purchase of $30 required.
  • Offer valid from December 29, 2020 at 12am CT until December 31, 2020 at 11:59pm CT.
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Awwww man!! I bought 2 shirts yesterday… missed it by this much! :frowning:

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You should buy 2 more!

This thread is missing a direct link to the catshirtswoot CATalog.


The links take you back to the front page

Yes, all shirts are included in this promotion.

I added 4 shirts into my shopping cart, go to pay and the discount doesnt populate in the cart

Alrighty then! :grin:

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I am not receiving the discount on checkout. Please help?

Is the discount not applicable for international shipping? The restrictions are mentioning just free shipping, not the discount itself :frowning:

looking into it…brb

Are you logged in to Woot using a Woot or Amazon account?
I can’t recreate your issue, I am seeing the discount applied at checkout, are you using a desktop browser or the app?
Could you try clearing your cache or using a different browser?

@jester1381 same for you, do any of the above suggestions work for you as well?

Free shipping is only offered domestically and the discount only applies to shirts not to shipping. The discount will still apply to the shirts on international orders, but you will be charged $10 for international shipping depending on where you are.

Seeing a similar issue when logged in via my Amazon account - discount is not being applied to my cart for my shirts.

Update: It applies once you select a shipping address or payment choice from the menu.

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Ah, thanks for the tip!! I didn’t think of that when troubleshooting as mine automatically populates.

Any chance you’ll do a “print to order” in non-tee shirts (i.e., long-sleeve or sweatshirt - hoodie or crew)?

In particular, looking for this one in long sleeve to replace the one my husband has worn a hole in.

We hope to some year in the future. Our site isn’t set up for choices out of catalog though. :sob: