Save Your Delicious Foodstuffs

$69 on amazon. $59 + $5 shipping, not a great deal on woot.

Looks like Foodsaver sells this exact kit/model, only refurb’ed on their own site for $49.99. And, if you buy something more to total over $50, the shipping is free. They’re just not currently in stock.

I have these new things called “containers” that have “lids.” They hold food and can be “washed” and “reused.”

I know these are new concepts for some who prefer to fill landfills with plastic.

Your post is too “ironic” I think my brain is going to “explode.”

  1. Yeah but the problem is that those containers contain air and that’s what causes food to go bad.

  2. Air also contains a lot of moisture so if you put them in the freezer, the moisture will collect creating frost, and then freezer burns.

  1. You can’t do sous vide with those plastic containers.

  2. Vacuum sealing them in bags is a great way to put things away in your go-bag or emergency boxes. See the parts about air above.

Yeah, these things are made of plastic…landfill, the gyres, made from petroleum, dependence on foreign oil and that dependence on national security, etc…see, I know stuff about stuff.

I agree we should reduce our use of plastic but our biggest gains in this area is going to come from single use plastic bottles and plastic grocery bags…look up the numbers.

Agreed. Also, it’s a great way to buy in bulk and store in reasonable portions. Of course once one goes this route, and tries sous vide cooking, you’ll never go back.

(Says the lady who spent the better part of her weekend looking up info on cheap ways to DIY sous vide.)

and dont forget sales tax in some states hmm was it that good of a deal