Saving the World, One Small Step at a Time

I’m proud of that little robot recycling in all.
In fact, he’s inspired me to go put this empty beer bottle in the recycle dumpster outside!

I can save de worldz too?

Here we go again, robots taking away jobs from real Americans.

Aww, I was hoping for Windup Man’s first win, or Robbie’s bot, but instead it’s bots vs zombies.


Ah well.

I’ll be the first to say congrats on the print.

Solid color choice on the green-- it means something different in every frame of the design.

Is that huge celery in the background of two of the panels? O_o

Anybody know how the metallic color holds up after many washes?

Hey, no fair! This guy has legs and poor Wall-E had to do all the cleaning up in the world with out 'em!

Recycle or die!

“Well, garbage, pollution, you know. Junk in our environment.”

I agree very much with this statement.

All of mine have faded at least 80%

Methinks the 5th Doctor must be about…and for some reason, he’s huge 0_o !!!

Teach the controversy and all that, right?

Are you implying that robots are evolving? Or zombies are evolving? Or were you referring to the comments that will be generated?

BTW, everybody, just a reminder that there’s another Woot robot shirt for sale all weekend from Bassanimation. She’s agreed to donate her commission to the Red Cross, so you should check it out, for Japan if not for yourself:

I would buy this shirt except for the fact that I can’t wear it at school because of the gun.

Looks more like broccoli.

Who gave the robot a gun?

Metallic color, how does that work? hah

Good to know, thanks. Maybe in this design, a faded metallic look would give the robot some authentic wear-and-tear?

Thanks for the mention, Chris!