Savino Connoisseur: Wine Preserving Carafe

Savino Connoisseur: Wine Preserving Carafe
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(1) Savino Connoisseur: Wine Preserving Carafe, 750ml
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This is a mildly intriguing device that I might be interested in adding to my collection of wine gadgets, but the mere $5 discount over the Amazonian mothership ($45 shipped vs. $50 shipped) isn’t enough to tempt me.

Yeah, I’ve read very mixed reviews of these. I also rarely need to preserve a bottle I’ve decanted, but it would be cool for a second or third of the night. Anyone have a positive experience with these things?

I was a kickstarter backer for this product. You can check out the backers’ reactions to the product here

I’m generally snobby about my glassware, so I wasn’t overly enthused with this. The glass is very thick and the thing has some weight to it. This thing is definitely not as sexy as my Zaltos.

As for performance, it is noticeably better than just recorking a bottle, but not as effective as a Coravin. It works by using a floating device that covers 97% of the surface of the wine, blocking exposure to oxygen.

You, sir or madam, are no ametuer, that’s fer suer.

You can get it from Think Geek ($49.99) using a 20% off coupon with free shipping. That will be cheaper than Wine Woot. Ends 6/6. Coupon on

I also backed this kickstarter and can back loveladyelectric up. The glassware is thick and kind of has a wavy texture to it. It doesn’t look like the clean clear glass that’s in the digitally rendered product shot. There is a visible seam, and the buoy is kind of a cheap looking plastic, but it works.

All that aside, this does a decent job and does look pretty cool. (If only the glass were better.) I’d say it’s better than a vacu vin. I bought it on kickstarter out of curiosity for $35 (early backer special) and am OK with it. It can be hard to reach in if you want to scrub it. I’d advise using a rag and a long stick and kind of swirling it around and scrubbing strategically if you have any issues.

HERE is an OXO bottle brush for $5 that will do a good job of cleaning this carafe.

Hmm, you know what would be even better than this would be a plastic bag with a spigot that fits inside a cardboard box to block out the light. Oh wait, never mind.

Good one.

Hi there,

This is Scott from Savino and I’m sorry for being late to the party and thanks for your support on KS and for posting.

Per the comments: Yes the glass is thicker than many decanters (it’s like a wine bottle).

The Savino is dishwasher safe (carafe, float and silicone) so it is easy to care for and use everyday

(FAQ’s are here

The float is made from BPA free Tritan Copolymer which is clear, shatter resistant and dishwasher safe. The float needs to be plastic to avoid any glass on glass contact which could shatter the float.

I have not used a Coravin yet so I can’t comment but in 16 double blind taste tests (across multiple varietals) against the normal consumer level wine preservers, the majority of consumers, in each test, picked Savino as doing the best job of preserving the wine.

Thanks again, and hopefully these comments are helpful and add to the conversation.

good price

Here is a review with pics showing the non-perfect but seemingly reasonably serviceable glass, and a video. I haven’t watched the video yet.

I only drink a glass or two at a time, and am starting to drink more wine, so I’m seriously considering this…


Mine gets pretty frequent use, and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who needs to preserve their wine for a day or two (which is the longest mine usually hangs around). It works better than the Vacu Vin I’d been trying to use for years (junk), but do follow the directions and put your wine in it immediately if you don’t plan on finishing the bottle. The sooner you get the float on it, the better.

Mine arrived with a defective float (it had a small leak). What impressed me is that I emailed the company, received a response in about an hour with an apology and the promise of a new float, and a FedEx shipping notice before the end of the day. Great customer service.

Well, the coupon code WINEWARP doesn’t work. :frowning:

Excellent reviews at this site for the same product - $10 more


Comparing your product to the Coravin for any reason seems wrong to me. The Coravin is $300 plus some portion of a dollar every use due to the need for the proprietary argon cartridge.

Your product is $50 and it doesn’t claim to store wine unchanged for 5 years (right?).

I don’t have a need for your product, but I would buy it if I did. I do not own a Coravin, nor will I, I don’t think.

FWIW, if I had the need, I’d be in.