Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

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Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
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Time to check out the product page and near perfect reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

This is a decent (but not amazing) price for these. When a four-pack goes on sale for $67 on Amazon, it usually hits SD. With shipping, that’s about on par w/ this deal.

But, how does it compare to LifeStraw?

While obviously satirical, the instruction included with tonights post are pretty distateful. Sorry for anyone silly enough to put bio hazardous materials in a bucket and attempy to drink them with this. Enjoy your BBP’s.

With shipping its the same price as Amazon.

Generally, people like this better.

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But think of the savings when you buy 2 or 3 or even other Woot! of the day products!!!

You guys got bought out HOW long ago? Get with the times and offer Amazon Prime members free shipping.

$14.99 at amazon and ships free, better than here

I have owned both this Sawyer, and the Life Straw. They both weigh the same, but I like the Sawyer much, much better. First, it’s easier to use, can be backflushed by just blowing through the “clean” end, and packs smaller. I use the Sawyer exclusively when I go backpacking. The life straw is rated to filter approximately 260 gallons, while the Sawyer states it will last up to 100,000 gallons. While I have not reached that yet, I can tell you I’ve never had a problem even backpacking for weeks with it, and after 3 years, it is still working well. In addition, it is very versatile, and can be used not only to just drink directly from the straw, but to filter into another container, as an inline filter with a Camelback or other water bladder/hose system or as a gravity filter, for instance, to filter water into your cooking pot when you make dinner. This alone makes it the logical choice vs the Life Straw. You won’t be sorry getting the Sawyer.

I really like my Sawyer. Smaller and easier than a pump, more versatile than a Lifestraw. I’ve known people to adapt the filter to fit their hydration bag in their backpack as well.
Amazon has it listed at 19.37 currently and you have to purchase 2 at this price to receive free shipping. That’s 38.74 for two. If you get two here it’s 30 plus 5 dollars to ship. So you save around 3. I purchased 3 and save 8 dollars.

amazon lists $14.96-$133.99 but when u actually go into the item there isn’t one for that price, the cheapest is $19.37.

True but it’s at $76 now. (Probably because of all the searches on it.)

As for the product… This system works great when you can find some running water. Here is a review I did a while ago.

Cons: This was designed for use at a forceful stream. Not a lake or slow trickle stream.

Pros: Works great when at a steady forceful stream!!

I just got back from a trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I used the Sawyer mini system with the 32oz Sawyer bags. You can’t beat the weight!! I found several streams and I used the Sawyer mini and bag to fill my 3L Camelbak and other sawyer bags. The sawyer bag I had was strong and I never had a failure. I did have a couple backups just in case. When I camped, I was near a lake. The bags didn’t fill up as well and it did take a long time to get the job done. A marmot was watching me as I struggled to get the bag filled. This system was not designed for lake filtering. I ended up using my friends pump filter when we were not at a forceful stream.

If you plan to get your water from a lake, go with a pump. If you will be near steady steams, you can’t go wrong with this system.

TIP: Bring an extra bag screw top. Use as a permanent marker to write on your bags. Label your bags with what you will have inside. I labeled the one I used with contaminated water as “FILTER” and the ones I wanted to keep clean as “CLEAN.” One bag I filled with electrolytes and clean water was labeled as “SPORTS.” Also, label your contaminated caps. Otherwise, they all look the same and you’ll forget what one is contaminated.

Assuming that’s not a purely sarcastic question: it’s much more versatile.

A life straw is useful for drinking directly from contaminated sources. If you find a water source while hiking/backpacking and want to refil your water bottle to take some along with you, you wind up contaminating your water bottle.

With this you can
-filter water for immediate drinking
-Add it in-line in a hydration pack

  • filter water into a clean vessel, which can then be later drunk on the trail without stopping to filter it
  • filter water for non-drinking applications (cleaning, wound care, cooking where you’re not boiling it, etc)

$19.00 on eBay with no shipping an no tax

search for Sawyer Mini Filter

It is interesting that woot wants me to pay with my amazon account, but then I don’t get my prime shipping.

I have one of these for camping. It works great. I believe it is the best cost-performance filter on the market.

The collapsible water pouches that come with it don’t fill up very much in a lake or stream but they do work. Instead, I like to keep a SmartWater water bottle to use with it. The SmartWater bottle is nice and thin and works good as the dirty water reservoir for backpacking.