Say Hello to Mr. Beams



Those cabinet spotlights seem handy - does anyone have a good review they’ve dug up on those? How about shedding light on our other beams for sale? :slight_smile:


Here’s what I found on Amazon:

Trying to decide whether to spring for a set. Seems like a great deal, and I’ve already unlocked free shipping today. :slight_smile:


I have both the Anywhere LED Night Lights - 3-Pack and Battery-Operated Indoor Ceiling Light. I’ve been impressed with the night lights (good motion detecting and offering enough light that I can find the bathroom without groping walls that have not given explicit consent to be groped). However, the batteries died fairly quickly - more quickly than I was expecting. I’ve also found that both the darkness sensor and the motion sensor are overly-sensitive. This doesn’t bother me that much, but I’m sure it contributes to the short battery life, and might be a consideration if you’d prefer the lights to be off more than on, such as in a toddler’s room (honestly, rolling over in bed is enough motion to turn these on!). Of course, I also have these hung in a window-less hallway that is one of the main traffic ways in my house, so the light turns on when I go into the main bathroom, then again 30 seconds later when a dog decides that I can’t brush my teeth alone, then again 30 seconds later when the other dog decides to investigate…

Side note: I hung the nightlights on ceilings or at the top of walls by using 3M “Picture Hanging Strips” so that I didn’t have to drill holes. They’ve worked perfectly except in the bathroom, which I suspect has too much moisture for the adhesive. The picture hanging strips are like velcro: clean the ceiling with rubbing alcohol, attach a strip to the ceiling and one to the item, let “cure” for an hour, and then stick the two together; the velcro-like tabs “grab” and hold pretty well. For the night lights, I used two directly on the back of the light without using the mounting bracket at all. This allows me to take them down to change the batteries, but it’s a great option for folks who are renting and can’t put holes in the walls/ceilings, or for those who prefer not to commit to holes in the walls/ceiling.

I like the night lights enough, despite my concerns about battery life, that I’m strongly considering grabbing a few of the path lights. Based on my experiences and needs, I recommend the night lights, but maybe consider using rechargeable batteries.


Thanks for sharing your review on the night lights! What about the Battery-Operated Indoor Ceiling Light?


I’ve been doing research on the manufacturers’s website. I was confused about the Readybright kit and the individual items. There are two different series, one is motion activated and the other automatically comes on when the power goes out. The power outage series, the ReadyBright series, also can be operated by remote. The flashlight that is sold as part of the kit is the same one that is sold separately. The remote will not work with the motion sensor units. The only remote controll units are in the kit and the flashlight. All the rest of the items are motion sensitive units.

I hope this helps anyone else who was as confused as I was. :-). Since I have a cat and a small apt, the motion sensitive items are out.


I have the round ones that look like a smoke detector. Also have the small square ones. The round ones I use in the hallway. At first I had 2 of them up but the battery life on these are terrible. They take 4 C cells. If I could return these I would. I thought LED was the wave of the future.


Aww, I read the title as “Hello Mr. Beans” and was hoping to see some reasonably priced bean bag chairs! :frowning:


I have the mr beams non remote controlled version of the MB371, The 360 version ( ) and I love them. Have 3 of them outside and they work very well. They take 3 D batteries and say they can last up to a year, I got a lot of critters running around my house and I got about 7 months out of them but I have to say that they were already pretty dim by around month 5.

I would plan on replacing the batteries every 3-5 months. Out of all of them, I had one that got about a tablespoon full of water in it and caused it to start staying on during the night. Took the batteries out, blew out the compartment with air and put batteries back in. Worked just fine afterwards.

They are not as bright as a regular spot light but they do the job well enough for you to see where you are going. I never have to use my flashlight anymore when I take the dogs out after dark.

As a side note, the non remote ones are 20 bucks at amazon and if you have prime, free 2 day shipping.