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noticed (SPAM link removed by mod)aunched today… kinda like a woot for a different kind of wooter… looks exactly like woot… is it owned by woot or have anything to do with woot?.. i don’t get it.
(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST, which included spam and a bonus: a referral link.)

My first impression is copycat. The punctuation in their blog isn’t as good as Woot’s. Also a two-tier something or other. Doesn’t sound like something Woot would do.

i was thinking more like a lawsuit waiting ot happen…clearly a bad rip off!

which parts might be liable for a lawsuit?

perhaps it could be a lawsuit waiting to happen because woot is in cohorts with yahoo now. They 33% own the internet. They can do what they want. Powerful friends, so awesome.

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Jessie, why are you responding to your own questions with more dumb posts?

Looks to me like J’byrd is spamming the Woot! forum to get people to sign up at the deal site so she can make money. That is what it looks like to me anyway. Nice try Jessie.

whoever you are, you are such a jerk.

Um yeah, because I call BS when I see it. Well since I called your BS too I can see why you would feel that way. I do believe Ms. Byrd is doing exactly what I said she is. Look at the link in her post, it has an ID number on it. If she just wanted to refer to the post the link would be to the website. Look at the website’s information concerning referrals.

not part of woot. This site is based out of Houston.

The text is different as well. If it was a woot site, then they would have used the same text as the other 3 sites