Say "Gordini Goggles" 10 Times Fast



Does anyone own one of these? There weren’t any reviews on the Amazon page for them. I would like to buy some but I also wear glasses and want to make sure they’re large enough to fit over my glasses.


I have the same question, also it does not state on their site either.


First with a review (either online or direct) gets a spotlighted post… are you all up for the mission?


Well, a couple of reviewers over at the Campmor site liked them ok. They both bought them for kids.

Edit: there are additional reviews, for other models, on that site. One reviewer complains that they are not compatible with eyeglasses. The item description for that model says “prescription glass compatibility”, which I take to mean that you could put a lens ground to your prescription into the goggle. Otherwise, it would say “prescription glasses compatibility” (Or so I opine.)

Further edit: the 7 models of Gordini goggles that show up on the Campmor page don’t exactly correspond to the models offered here today, however their prices are also discounted, and make the Woot discount seem a little less impressive. (Granted, the models are different, so it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.) Their shipping is a little more than here ($7 for orders >$50), but it seems they don’t charge sales tax in NY (but I didn’t get all the way through the order page), so it may be a wash, price-wise, for some purchasers.

I never heard of this brand, I do need goggles, but I would love to find a review in a magazine or something.


OK, so I found an editorial review, also on another model. According to this writer, Gordini is a solid name at a reasonable price point, the goggles reviewed lacked a strap clip and the strap itself was not particularly long and there was some trouble fitting it to the writer’s helmet, but then again the goggles weren’t expensive (in fact, to the reviewer they were free!)

What is this “run-on sentence” of which you speak? I do not know it.


I said it more than ten times fast… with no trouble.

I then started to say Ugly Goggles fast… and well that was a tongue twister.


I just know this company makes mid level gloves. I guess they tried to expand into mid level goggles.

Why isn’t there specs on the len’s light transmission level, and its intended purpose, based on its color.

Also, it says here goggle size is medium, but their interweb site says the memory foam allows it to fit every face. How could that be? Is the memory foam dense and thick enough for it to contour to both pancake faces on melon heads and bean head faces?


Gordini has made goggles for years and it’s generally some good stuff (though I prefer Spy). My dad just replaced a pair that he’s been using for like 15 years or something ridiculous. That is with skiing perhaps 3 times a year, but still.

As for the sizing, goggles are generally pretty flexible, so your face shape won’t matter too much, but some brands just are better fitting on bigger heads and the same with smaller. Not sure which Gordini is.


Honestly I am looking for a cheap pair to use with my snowblower. So I won’t be wearing a helmet, and just want moderate sun protection. Any recommendations for a glass color? Or just something else? I checked the local Wally-World sports section and it seems like $35 is decent.


The Gasp with the clear lense shows a different design when you actually click on it to go to the ordering page. I don’t want the flowers. How the heck do I know which I’ll get?


I’m curious as to how the gold lens stacks up to my favorite amber. When skiing, I’ve found that the amber lens allows me to see bumps and imperfections that I wouldn’t normally see with any other colored or clear lens. Sunglasses don’t help either. Don’t know if I’m willing to take a $35 hit to find out.


Goggles with spherical lens usually are very inflexible. One ends up wearing them with the contour of the frame, relying on the foam to form around your face, whether pancake or pole face.


Fair enough. I was looking at the Paris and didn’t realize the other was spherical.


What is the real size? The mfg’s website indicates the Banana one is sizes small, but your website says it is medium:


We confirmed before the sale that they were mem’s medium. The un-stretched size for the Bananas adjusts from 17” to 26”.


Yeah I noticed that too. I don’t want the flowers, I want the black/white version on the product details page. I hope that’s the actual product I receive otherwise this item will end up going to my daughter!