Sazzi Sandals

These are twice as much on amazon, and get good reviews:

I’m really really tempted by these, but I’d like to hear from a Wooter with actual experience with these.

I purchased two pair (brown and black with ankle strap) a couple of weeks ago on Woot! and like them. I have minor foot issues and because these are supported by all of your toes rather than just in between the first and second (which can cause you to “clinch” your toes to keep the sandal on) I walk more normally.

The foot beds are comfortable, though not as comfortable as my Croc flip-flops.

I would recommend, especially at this price.

No experience with them myself, but my sister loves these things. Hearing her, you’d think they were the greatest invention ever.

Well, thank you all for your feedback. In for one, then!

If you have a wide foot DO NOT BUY. they don’t fit and Woot will not accept returns.

I bought these thinking they would be like vibram five fingers only open. They are nice, and they fit well, but I didn’t like the way they looked on my feet. The toes are much larger and curved than mine and it made it look like i had them on the wrong feet. I gave them to my brother. He loves them!

Does anyone know if these fit true to size?

i picked up the digits last time they were on. I hate normal flip flips and find these comfy.

Couple of small gripes - they don’t go on fast, I have fat toes and it’s sometimes hard to cram them in between the spaces.
Walking through the grass is an interesting experience in plucking out blades of grass…they get caught in the “toes” of the sandals.

I do love they don’t get my feet all sweaty, they are grippy when wet and offer a comfortable platform for everyday wear. The digits with the ankle strap also don’t make the flipflop noise which I hate. If you can stand having something between every toe I say go for it.

I found them pretty true to size, and while the strap going across the top of your foot started out tight it has loosened up. I have fat feet (EEEE) and feel the platform is adequate for my foot.

I have webbed feet. do they make these for my feet?