Sazzi Sandals

Scored mine a few weeks back. They’re fun and fit well. Take a little getting used to. Aren’t going anywhere once all 5 toes are in there. Oh, and eight dollars cheaper now then before. :frowning:

I got a pair last time around, too. It took a few days to get used to the toe dividers, but now they’re very comfortable. I haven’t had any problems driving or walking up stairs. The top strap was a little tight at first, but they broke in very quickly.

I got a pair of them … They’re comfy…but man, do the toes look funny. I know it’s hard to individualize toes. Maybe, “mine” are just weird. I dunno. ha!

Do things get stuck between the ‘toes’?

I had a habit of catching dandelions between my Vibrams.

No, nothing has gotten stuck in mine even walking through tall grass and a field full of weeds.

<- wondering about sizing. I’m a 10.5 do they run big/small/correct?

Why do they have every size except mine? I even checked other websites, and same story. Is there a conspiracy? What do they have against people who wear size 8???

Do they work as shower shoes as well?

Mine were true to size. I wear 10.5-11 and the 11s fit perfectly.

I guess they’d work as shower shoes… They’re all rubber except the part between the toes. Good tread on the bottom.

Got mine last time around and I love them. I wear them for around the house instead of going barefoot as they add a little extra comfort on the hardwood floors. I would wear them in public, their different looking but they don’t stand out as much as my Vibram 5’s. As far as the fit, I would say if you have short toes, these may look extra long on you as the fit somewhat depends on where the toe straps is to the length of your toes. I have about 1/2" extra at toes and perfect space at heel. I consider myself to have average - medium length toes. I measured according to Sazzi’s guidelines. I usually wear a 6.5-7 and bought the ladies 7, they fit perfectly.