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what amount of weight will this scale handle?

The Pyle scales are listed in the specs as 4.4 lbs. - 330.7 lb

We just heard back from the vendor on the Vitagoods’ scales. Their max weight is 397 pounds.

Hope that helps.

Anyone have an idea of how accurate the scales are? Not just in terms of weight, but whatever secondary statistics they record?

Did anyone see the thumbnail on the homepage and say “Hey! A futuristic floppy!”

Darn it, yes, I was hoping I was the only one.

Does anyone have an idea of the size arms these blood pressure cuffs can give accurate readings up to? I’m under the impression normal cuffs read accurately up to arms about 16 inches around. Mine are currently 18.5 inches and would hate to buy one and get inaccurate readings. Thank You!

I really like the scales, but I’m also curious about how accurate the secondary functions are? Ngovednik could really use it since he thinks even a little fat on his middle is a lot >.< If it reads an accurate enough percentage though, maybe that’ll finally get him to ease up xp

Edit: So I’ve been doing a little research online. From the reviews, it seems a lot of people love it. The ones who hated it look to have possibly received faulty ones, but the Vitagoods people seemed good about trying to follow up with these people. Even the ones who had trouble sing praises on how accurate it was. One person said they had just had their specs checked at one of those big bulky machines at the gym, and the Vitagoods scale was only 0.5%-1.5% off of their body fat.

What’s more, even the Groupon deal wasn’t as good as this one ($34 + tax).

I know, I know, it’s really easy for companies to place bs reviews, but with the 1-year guarantee, it’s hard to pass up.

So do you think you’re leaning towards the Vitagoods scale? I think I’m going to pull the trigger tonight. I read a lot of complaints about inconsistent readings on the Pyle scales w/regard to secondary functions. Even if the scale is always off, it’s always off by a consistent amount that would be fine with me.

I wound up opting for Vitagoods. While the Pyle scales looked interesting, I didn’t feel I needed something with ~quite~ that many bells and whistles. It’s rare for me to go bluetooth anything, honestly, and I read far more good reviews about the Vitagoods.

accurate but the price is xpensive I bought @big lots 4 less than 20

One month later, still no product.

Hasn’t even shipped yet.

Come on Woot! this is pathetic.

I’m sorry for the problem with the order. Looks like you were refunded on 8/13 as the item never shipped. The funds should be in your account now.

OK, well this Scale does not work as far as monitoring BP and Temp and BMI. It does not do what it is supposed to do according to the description. The app that is supposed to work with it does not work via Bluetooth like it is supposed to. I am very disappointed with this purchase - i should have gone with a 15 dollars scale from KMart and would have been better off. I bought it in the endo of July and we are now in the beginning of October. I used it a few times after I got it and it worked at first then it stopped working. I was in the middle of moving to a new home so I boxed it and thought I would worry about it later. I unboxed it recently and it still does not work, no matter what I do. How do I return this item???

The above comment applies to the following digital scale:

Pyle Bluetooth Digital Scale-SilverSold on WootQuantity:1 @ $37.99 $129.99 71% off list price

That stinks, sorry for the trouble. I’m not sure which item from the sale you picked up, as there are several. But, if you go to ‘Stuff You Bought’ and click the picture of the item from your orders, you’ll end up on the item page. Scroll to the bottom of the Features tab, the warranty info is there.

If you need additional assistance, please email woot CS at