Scales & Bubbles

A farting fish? Come on Woot.

Needs more contrast.

I can’t make out the design through the vomit

Oogleh bubbles.

what is this…man tell woot to get some better shit out

Looks like someone took a crap on a t-shirt…

“This shirt was designed by: Tom Anderson.”

Isn’t that the dude from MySpace?

id think about it if it werent a base color of redish-orange

I think it looks pretty sweet. The only thing that bugs me is that people sit up just to complain about things. I guess if it makes them feel important…

BOOOOO, bring back sea chimp and sore thumbs!!!

Just not a huge fan of the colors. Orange is fine, but the shirt object is orangeish as well. Not as fun when people can’t tell what the shirt is.

Not trying to complain, really. I love the idea of shirt.woot and I’ll support it eternally.

ewwww wtf is that

awesome. i bought one.

LOL, my first thought was it was some kind of dragon tossing chunks…

that’s what I thought when I first saw it. Pass.

got this for my GF, we have a joke about an orange fish
that we saw in a fish tank at the emergency room

Not so sure about that one?..
Farting fishes?

You should replace Rosie on The View.

All you had to say was ‘orange’…in for 1