Scales & Bubbles


pass please

could have printed even some of the lowest derby shirts and you would sell more, what a posiht


And go apply for my local ROAD CREW!! hahahahaha this is the worst yet!! By far!

I like it. A little bright but still wearable.

I like it. A little bright but still wearable.

Interesting, but not my color, definitely not.

ugliest shirt yet

I dig it! It’s different, and good enough to replace part of the crap t-shirts I currently own. Great design!

from a distance it looks kind of like a dragon coughing up smoke.
Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Plus some of the links for Tom don’t work. Like the animator and photographer ones.

Orange now? We need to get back to colors that work. Black. White. Gray.

I had really high hopes for

I have bought a ZOMG TERISTS shirt… that was the only one that was even marginally good

I don’t get it, maybe it’s just me…maybe not.

dude i actually really like the color of the shirt, it’s kind of a deep red / coral, very cool

i’m hesitant about the fish, it looks like it’s got lumpy diarrhea or something … so gross! the fish itself is still pretty cool tho, might get one anyway :-S

this shirt is really awesome. so random…

Back door to all w00t! Tees (so far…). NOTE: Price is always $15, not $10, on ‘second chance’ orders.

2nd chance orders available AFTER MIDNIGHT of the day originally offered.

For NNNN, use these product ID’s

3618 = WOOT Launch

3622 = Sore Thumbs
3625 = Robot Service
3627 = The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer
3629 = Sea Chimp
3630 = Threat Level: Doctorow

3633 = This Here Is My Unicorn-Shootin’ Gun
3637 = Word Problem
3640 = Rat Rod
3642 = Nobody’s Perfect
3643 = Cube One

3645 = Sci-Fi Weenie Roast
3650 = Scales & Bubbles

Hey Woot guys, you may want to fix the basecamp links in the description. The link to the artist’s photos and videos are broken.

No, it’s the old man from Beavis and Butthead.

me too… 10x better than hotdogs going around the sun still got one, but do not think my little bro will touch it. ( i will not let him touch my shirt.woots anyways.) NOT for use as pants! did not think the Threat Level: Doctorow was wearable, but i got some talks when some friends visited on my day off (wore it inside)

you need to know who you are to wear these shirt…i love it…that so many people dont.

I would dig this if it didn’t look like a stinky piece of garbage at first glance.