WOW. Just WOW.

The style of Starry Night in the colors of the Self Portrait.


If the Van Gogh shirts aren’t enough Van Gogh 3PC Art Sets (4 Styles/2 Sizes)

Reminds me of this one:

But happier.

Lovely colOrs, textures that look like they could lift/walk/fly off the shirt. Nice to see it grab 3rd.

No Star Wars or Mario references, yet still place in a derby?! WHAT IS SHIRT.WOOT COMING TO!?

But seriously, this serves a reminder to other artists that pop-culture references are not a mandatory requirement.

Great work, Steven! I love the harmony of colors that’s very appropriate for the coming months.

The line work on this shirt is spectacular. Great bright colors.

I am so glad this printed, it was my favorite of the derby. The line work, color, and overall theme are beautiful. Well done, Steven Lefcourt!

Such a happy shirt for the Fall! Such a perfect combination of colors and art! Best derby ever!

And if those Woot! Art Sets aren’t enough, there are THESE Woot! Art Sets.

This has so much life, color, and energy to it with just a tinge of creepy mixed in. Oh that my money were endless and my t-shirt drawers bottomless.

I hope this is made into a long sleeve, I’d love to make it my cool November day shirt.

If this was a tote it would be a perfect trick-or-treat bag!!

•Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua Love outsourcing, best thing for America.

Stunningly gorgeous! Congratulations, Steven. This is not just a T-shirt. This is a truly outstanding work of art!

Long sleeve version for the fall weather, pretty please?

So tempted to get one just to wear on Halloween… Thanks, Woot, for offering this prior to October 28th!

Looks like a Scarecroughnut to me

Couldn’t agree with you more!!

this is a really clever and wonderfully executed design–one of the best i’ve seen on shirt.woot in awhile. congratulations!

p.s. i, too, hope this will be available for purchase in tote form.