i’m not in the right state of mind, and i wouldn’t buy that

YAY!!! does the happy dance

This looks almost exactly like Scarecrow from Batman.

Much deserved win Drakxxx, congrats!

finally drake

Nice, congrats Joel. Very well deserved.

noooo! i really wanted the squirrel shirt :frowning:

This is still a great design tho, kudos, just won’t buy

that pumpkin on the left just has to be different and be upside down…what a weirdo

I’m not gonna lie, but I’m really kinda intrigued as to the “minor internet kerfuffle” woot is so presumably aptly parodying in their writeup

One of his shirts finally won.

yes, another shirt to add to my not big enough drakxxx collection

The fourth place curse is broken!

Congrats, Drakxxx. A well deserved print.

Good on ya, Congrats. Thought you prolly had me beat.

Kind of was hoping for some cute little animals today…sigh
Nice design though!

Jeeze. I don’t know how much his pumpkin crop is going to be worth with all those faces carved into them.

Is that a Michael Jackson zombie?!

This is something I would expected to see in Batman 2010. Nice design just not for me. think its the shirt color thats not working with me.

I’m all for a good pun. This has to be my favorite “Wear This Shirt:” write-up through olive time.

^^^They’re hiring copywriters… Could this be my chance??? Pick me!!!

YAY! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

That scarecrow is pretty piss poor at his whole ‘scaring crows’ job. :confused: