Scariest part of Jaws?

Scariest part of Jaws?

The sharky parts

I bet if one were to watch Jaws on mute, it would not be nearly as scary. Of course, the last time I watched Jaws I was about 12

The opening.

Once we see the mechanical shark, it becomes a bit more hokey.

The experience of seeing in the theatre when it first came out was much more scary than watching it on the small screen for our kids today. They are used to higher quality animatronics and special effects. My son laughed through most of the shark scenes when he watched it for the first time with me a year ago.

There are plenty of scenes, but when the head popped out of the bottom of the boat… That’s the only time I’ve ever jumped out of my seat in a movie theater. But, I certainly wasn’t the only one :wink:

That was when I jumped out of my seat too. If I remember right, it didn’t have the same music that preluded the shark attacks so it was not as expected. I could be remembering wrong though. I was 12 after all. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what happened to me. No music cue to prime you for the jump scare. Just bam! I was 18 at the time and fell for it completely!

Little piece of trivia – that particular scene was re-shot after the preview audience didn’t scream loud enough and there was no money left in the budget, so Spielberg paid out of his own pocket to re-shot it in the film editor’s (Verna Fields) swimming pool :slight_smile: