Lets make up a scary beast! ill go first,

a 25ft long shark that can breath in water, oxygen, can fly, and freezes whoever sees it.

a 25 ft long bird that can poop on cars with startling accuracy

A domo kun that quits killing kittens and starts killing the people instead.

a human with a badge who can make you take the driving test over again

a human with a briefcase who can make you go through an irs audit

a panda with bad b.o. exposing his or her pits

A man with a badge who seems to have a failure to communicate.

Half Robot. Half Cop. All trouble.

uh, what’re they going to do, bamboo-stink you to death? sorry, not scary.

Now this is scary.

looks like someone threw a drink in a helpless panda’s face.

half chef. half actor waiting tables. all trouble.

yeah, a $2500 drink.

tehe nice scary guys guys

‘Big OIL’


An AIG top executive…

This previously unknown Scary beast is indigenous to Alaska and appears to be a highly evolved member of the weasel family. She is highly vocal and frequently launches vicious attacks on anything to her left. These attacks, however, appear to be mostly bravado, because When cornered, she tends to wink and exhibit a “cute” behavior pattern. Experts predict within the next 30 days she will once again fade from public consciousness.

Oh my, I hope so. I’d hate to think of her about to become #45 after #44 falls asleep for his last afternoon nap.

//high-fives the experts

Scary Beast: teenage girl with very limited internet access that spends all her time creating thread after thread after thread in the forum on a t-shirt site.


hey! That was my thought! Very Scary.

if your talking about me im a guy haha.