What are you most afraid of? Im freakin scared of great white sharks! Those things really scare me, even seeing its name scares me.

I am afraid of something happening to me and not having anyone to care for my animals

(ok, so its not a ‘thing’ but I really don’t know what ‘thing’ scares me)


(circle one)


Can I circle more than one? Please?

buying something from woot

nah…everybody’s doing it. C’mon, you know you want to.

don’t need ear warmers, ms. dd.

how come? no ears?

they froze and fell off.

dont b sad! i dont need them, eye dont listen 2 any1 n e way!

They wouldn’t have if you’d gotten the ear warmers.

why would i want to buy rear wormers?

To keep your rear warm, duh. So it doesn’t freeze and fall off.

edit: okay, I just saw the “wormers” rather than “warmers”. Never mind. I don’t even want to think about what that might be!

Tape worms?

no thanks, but thanks for the offer anyway.

This would be one of the times when I regret posting here.

//note to self: increase frequency of posts with difficult-to-spot grossness