Scavenger Hunt Stuff




i was sooooo close!


Was the copier printer thing really 100% off??


If that is the case, I am sorry I missed it!!!??


I picked up the Polaroid tablet the last time it was on Woot! It is fun to play around with and use to surf the web when I don’t feel like hauling my laptops around. Not the fastest in the world, but it’s not the slowest either.


Cool cool, free printer on it’s way!


HA, woot still has the Armagedd-Off trading card on the Kodak 7.1 printer page!


Well played Woot!. Love it.


The Grace Radio is $79.98 on Amazon, w/ free shipping. Not such a great deal WOOT @ $75.00 plus shipping.


I totally agree. Woot, lower the price to $45.00 and I’d be in for one.


I see that the Kodak Hero 5.1 that was $0.00 is now showing as $80.00 in the scavenger hunt. I sure hope they don’t end up charging those of us that purchased it the $80.00.


I just got my Polaroid tablet and the screen is all marked up with deep marks and the frame is cracked. Whats up with that?
… I just charged it and the it barely holds a charge. I feel totally ripped off!!!


I just recevied my Kodak Hero 5.1 and the glass for the scanner was shattered. :frowning: