Scelebrate Science!

It seems the majority of science-y type shirts involve some form of the Bohr model or altered periodic tables. Is this really what science means to most people? I’m not sure if I should be sad or amused. I suppose I should take it how I take science-y math-y chalk boards always having E=mc^2 written somewhere on them in movies and TV shows. With begrudging amusement.

Probably because this Woot Plus event is built around celebrating the Bohr model?

It gets me every time! D’oh!

I see one I like, click on it only to see that it’s Ladies S-L. Where’s the XL love? :frowning:

Curses to the tri-blend tank for looking so damn appealing and yet being inaccessible.

Inaccessible for both ends of the spectrum - where’s the XS? Or the original style of tank tops even …

I’m not sure WHO the tri-blend tanks fit…I have exactly one, and while it is an appropriate width and length for my chest-to-waist region, I just shortened the straps by THREE INCHES to make it wearable.

Eh, I was expecting something more from the title. I didn’t read the side sale paragraph until I’d browsed the shirts and wondered at the redundancy.

I would love to get a “This is how I roll” lighweight hoodie. Seems like there aren’t any lightweight hoodies to be had right now but some of us work in freezing offices all summer and would totally buy them :slight_smile:

When you click on it, the This is How I Roll shirt comes up as being $18 instead of $15 like it says on the event page. The other shirts I checked had the correct pricing.

Good eye! I’ll see what I can do to have someone update that. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Looks like it’s back to $15 where it belongs!

Well, if all else fails and you cant get a t-shirt, at least here is a cool wallpaper in stead (I hope it’s ok that I made this):

I’m interested in one of the tank tops, but the size chart at the bottom of the page and the size chart on the American Apparel site differ quite a bit. If that’s the right shirt I found on the American Apparel site, should I go with those measurements?