Scent-Sation Zebra Sheet Set

wow really?

These are not good for safari’s. The lions chased us all day.

ahhhh…I see…perfect size for the airbed…

“Scent” Sation? Do these smell like Zebra?

I’d totally be in for 3, but I have a king sized bed.

Here’s to hoping there aren’t many of them, otherwise it’s the end of my Woot night.

Seriously, this thing is even more messed up than the nut cancer gear.

Scent-sation - smells like real zebra

when lion-scented sheets just won’t do…

no twin? no joy. :frowning:

Is that real zebra skin?

Will this bring out my animal instincts in the bedroom?

So does this smell pretty or just like zebra?

Edit: wow everyone beat me to it.

What a bunch of sheet.

What’s the scent? Zebra?

If only they had them in KING size…I’d be in

Amazing. Where do they find this stuff?

WOW… I always wanted to wake up refreshed smelling like I slept with a zebra…

I was actually looking for queen sized bed sheets too, but c’mon, could this be a more ugly pattern? )-:

Whats the thread count on these bad boys?

will this help me attract females to sleep in my bed as i woot off?