Scenterrific: That Holiday Smell

I bought a non-ChristmasyWarmer Pot from Woot just over a year ago. Very pretty, but folks might want to know that the scent disks don’t present a very strong scent. I have several different disks, and none are very strong. Nice, but don’t expect Yankee Candle strong.

Does anyone know if discs from other companies (ie Yankee candle,etc.) will fit these warmers or are they Scenterrific specific?

Ooh! Great question? I haven’t tried other brands, but here are the dimensions of the Scenterrific ones. Maybe this will help. If you think others would fit, please post back. I would love to try some Yankee Candle ones in here!

Round disk - 2.25" in diameter.
Opening in center is 5/8"
Height is 1/2"