Scheppach 4.5 Inch Wet-cut Tile Saw

**Item: **Scheppach 4.5 Inch Wet-cut Tile Saw
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Give me some opinions… price is right but skeptical as heck!

I spent more than this for a daily rental of a wet saw. Yes it was bigger and came with a stand, but I bet this one would have worked just as well.

Seems like this might not be the best option as there is hardly any review for it.

Fond item on amazon with no review

I wouldn’t even bother with a 4.5 inch saw. I just recently redid a basement bathroom that was 75% tile and even with a 7 inch saw blade the water was hot. You want a bigger blade because it can dissipate the heat better as heat is a big problem for cutting tile. Also another thing to note is I have honestly never seen a 4.5 inch tile saw offered at retail stores. I have seen 4, 7, 8, 10 but not really 4.5.

Ahh how cute…

Is it USB powered?

I would save your money and purchase the $70 homedepot wet saw thats 7inches. Much more handy. 4.5 is useless.

yeah, and made in China, probably like the stuff at harbor freight…
good call

I’d also recommend a 7in wet saw for anyone looking to do any serious work with it. A 4.5in might be good for a very small job though. I picked up my 7in at Home Depot for about $120 a couple years ago and have used it a lot already.

How hard is it for an inexperienced woman(old woman) to replace three or four cracked tiles in a shower? I’ve never idone any kind of tiling and it looks easy on the sites I’ve watched it being done…but, sometimes looks are deceiving. If I were to buy the one you mentioned at Amazon,if I do the research, and being a very old and determined woman, do you think I could do the job without pulling every hair in my head out or breaking all my tiles trying? How complicated is tiling for the average person. Thanks for any advice.

Are you replacing whole tiles that are amongst others? or are some of the broken tiles at the edges and would need cutting? If you are doing ONE project with a couple 4 inch tiles that need to be cut you could probably mark them and take them to Home Depot to be cut…or use a glass score and ceramic nippers (which could cost you nearly as much as this little gadget)…one time project with a dozen or more small tile cuts I’d try this thing instead of a rental. Sure, you’d have to let it cool down after every couple tiles, but if you’re like me you might want a little break after every one for your hands and your nerves…you’re not a contractor paid by the hour, after all…

The trickier part is getting broken tiles out without disturbing the good ones around them–that (among other odd jobs) was why I bought an oscillating saw with attachments here on Woot a little while back (I had just seen the plumber guy on Ask This Old House use one to get out old shower tile to do a patch job.) That or a Dremel might be more a tool you couldn’t do without.

After you get the broken tile out it’s a matter of finding the size and color that go back in that could be the next hardest thing! But if it’s an easy match, you then need a little adhesive compound, a little grout…a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants…

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Few things to know: First buy a hand grout saw ($2-3). Very easy to use. Take out as much grout between good and broken tiles as you can.
Take hammer and flat head screwdriver to remove old tiles by trying to pop out the broken pieces starting where they are cracked (ex. center of broken tile, not where you just cut out or removed the grout) because you don’t want to chip the good tiles and you want to save the backboard. They make mason chisels for this but take your time and save your money. If your tiles are 12", go get a chisel…
Clean as much of the the old thin set off the backer board as you can. Ideally make it clean.
Use a sharpie and mark on new replacement tiles where you need cuts or them nipped. Take them to HD or Lowe’s and they will do them for you. Some places charge $.25 per tile.
Follow normal install instructions with thin set and grout.

You can do it!

If your wall or backboard needs replaced, get a professional.

You could do it. I’m not a pro but I’ve done several floors, 2 showers and replaced damaged tiles. As long as you have suitable replacement tile, removing and replacing is pretty easy. Just be careful removing the old tile so you don’t damage the adjacent tile or the backer. Work slowly and wear eye protection. Once the old is out installing the new is easy. If you match the grout you’ll never know the tile was replaced.

Does this wet saw come with a blade appropriate for cutting glass tiles?

The 4.5" tile saw comes with diamond blade for cutting tile, terra cotta, slate, porcelain, marble and granite. You would need a different blade for cutting glass tiles.
George from Scheppach

Thanks for joining. Description says heavy duty, posts seem to present a different opinion - what is this capable of?

Also, would replacement blades be available - say at HD?

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