Scheppach Tile Saws - Your Choice

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The 10" saw being sold here is a very nice saw. I know because I own one. What they don’t tell you here is that the 10" saw (maybe the others as well) is made in China and is currently being sold in at least 2 large retailers that I know of for $100 less ($259.99). To make matters worse, you can use a readily available HF coupon and get 20% off. This means you pay $208 for the exact same saw, only a different color. That means a savings of $152 and there is no shipping. You just pay for it, put it in your car and drive it home.

Well, I could be wrong, but I believe Scheppach is the Klingon word for an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

with no reviews I could find on these saws, I would probably just get the skil saw on amazon with a 7 inch blade for cheaper than here. and faster shipping

Don’t you mean the Diversity?!

I never said Klingons were smart.

Dang, so close. I’m in the market for a table saw, this just won’t do. At least today’s Woot actually has something to do with Tools & Garden…

HF…? Harbor Freight? If so, what’s your opinion of their products Acanarelli?

They don’t state the capacity. many new tiles are 24" and if the table isn’t wide enough on each side the tile won’t cut properly.

This forum is provided by Woot for posting opinions and information about Woot products. I would not and will not use this forum to offer information on competitive merchandise.

Yes you do pay a little more…BUT You get it in a pretty Orange color :-)…which I do have and have had good luck with though when I bought mine it did not come with the stand :frowning:


Thank you for your response. It was a simple question, no need to be an asshole and contradict yourself. You are what is wrong with this world.

I agree this forum is provided by Woot for posting …but the fact that you/I can buy this exact same saw , but with just a different color and different name/branding, IS talking about this Woot offering…Woot should do their homework so they are not offering a deal that is not really a deal ! I was in purchasing for over 30 years and you always have to look at what similar or in this case, the same product is selling for else where. In this case someone at Woot did not do this.

Comments from Woot purchasing welcome. I consider myself a loyal Woot fan/customer and look at their deals daily !

I feel like this post was made under duress…it’s okay bud, you can give us a wink or a nod…we won’t say anything.

Thank you for your comments on the 10" Tile Saw. As for comparison to the HF tile saw it is a different unit and a different manufacturer. The Shecppach unit is made in China. These are not made in the same factory. I will also mention that the Scheppach unit includes the stand, a 10" diamond blade, vise table and an angle table. It will also cut 18" diagonal and 24" rip capacity.
Scheppach Factory Rep.

Can’t spell your own company’s name?
What an !endorsement.

Actually, before even reading comments, I was trying to click “buy” on the little one, but I guess they’re all gone already. It was a low enough price, and I only have the front door entryway to tile (about 3x4 feet).

I guess I’ll have to pay $20 more for the PHYSICALLY INDISTINGUISHABLE one at HF. I don’t really care if it’s “made in a different factory”

My apologies to everyone for my spelling error.

I almost forgot … Woot has charged me sales tax in California. But HF is local. And I just dug up a 20% coupon. So I’ll be saving $2 and I can have it today.

The down-side of course is that I’ll probably spend a further $40+ on other low-life-expectancy tools once I walk in to their store.

In my experience with these types of tile saws, I have noted that the type with the blade mounted below the cutting surface fling water and tile slurry directly at you (blade guard notwithstanding), while the type with the blade mounted above fling the water/slurry away from you. I find the latter much nicer to use – just something to consider.

FTR, I own a different model of Chinese-made HF tile saw (with blade mounted above) and I have had no problems with it in the course of several large and small tiling projects in my home.

I STAND CORRECTED! When I purchased this saw, it came with a stand that looks exactly like the one you’re selling. They are no longer offering the stand as a package, nor are they offering or have ever offered the diamond blade. This changes the whole complexion of what I previously wrote, as the two items are sold by HF for an additional $78. Therefore, please accept my sincere apology for having jumped to conclusions.

By the way, your post to which I am responding is the FIRST TIME anyone from Scheppach has ever admitted to the country of origin.