Scholar & Mason Napa Valley Mixed Red (4)

MdS really should be first sucker on this, his namesake.

Scholar & Mason Napa Valley Mixed Red 4-Pack
Sold by: Brack Mountain Wine Company
$79.99 $160.00 50% off List Price
2013 Scholar & Mason Mortarboard Red, Napa Valley
2013 Scholar & Mason Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

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A little more info here on the blend:

Fwiw price for the blend only, no cab, was the same as here FS on six.

I had the good fortune of receiving a bottle of the Mortarboard Red. The bottle was held overnight at my local FedEx where I picked it up Friday morning. Friday night in Chicago is pizza night so my wife and I popped the cork along with some Lou Malnati’s deep dish.

The cork came out whole but some residue was noticed. Tartaric acid crystals we found on the cork. This wine is deep red in color. The aroma is full of cabernet as you would expect with this blend. I have never tasted the Charbono varietal so I am not sure if it was noticeable in the aroma.

This wine is full bodied with typical cabernet flavors. I experienced a harsh aftertaste which did not seem to be related to the tannins. Not sure if this was due to the shipping or the need for more time in the bottle.

Day two showed much of the same flavors though the harshness had mellowed.

Sorry I could not be more descriptive but cabernet is not my go to varietal. I prefer lighter reds with Oregon Pinot Noir being my personal favorite.

From Winespies:
“BLEND 92% Cabernet Sauvignon
~ 6% Cabernet Franc
~ 2% Malbec
~ 18% Charbono”

118% must be really hearty

Website shows same thing on the tech sheet. oops

What’s an extra 18% between friends?

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Jokes on you, it’s an 885ml bottle, the winery just did the percentages based on a 750ml. Things are a little strange over at Brack mountain, we don’t go there after sundown.

Thank you for the notes. Did you try this wine with food? If so what? And did the food help the wine or hurt it?

I wonder if the odd after taste is just the CF goodness. Maybe a little pyrazine green?

Oh, and hopefully you didn’t forget about Daylight Savings Time changes back on Sunday morning.

“Spring Forward, Fall Back”

That was my guess. Some people like it some people not so much…

Tearing into the box yesterday I saw “SMasonCab” on the shipping label and started salivating at the prospect of getting a “Mason’s” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Ah, “Scholar & Mason.” (Predictably written in first a fancy script and then a blocky san serif font.) I get it: “Brains & Brawn.” The back of the bottle says that, “Some wines are cerebral, some are robust” and that this wine somehow is both. EVERYONE will like this wine!

Accompanying the bottle, instead of a Golden Ticket there was a letter from Amazon Legal. Apparently I am forbidden from using the term Lab Rat; we are all now “Grape Debaters.” Debaters. Got it.

So let me tell you – you have no idea – this wine is huuuugge. Really, really, huge. Believe me, everyone’s going to be talking about this wine. I know another Wooter said “harsh aftertaste.” Wrong. WRONG. Look, that whole post was a disaster. Absolute disaster. Many, many people have told me that you’ll like this wine.

In all seriousness, I’m struggling to describe this wine. It had a richness to the nose – dark fruit and a bit of leather and cedar. The taste was pretty consistent with the aromas – cassis, baking spice, and a hint of anise. Some of the familiar characteristics you expect in a Napa cab but not hedonistic like most. I think it fell short in structure though. It lacked any sort of tannic backbone. The end result was a really round wine like those massed produced grocery store reds trying to be as inoffensive as possible. That said, assuming most of your friends are not wine snobs I think it would be a really nice red for a party (at Woot prices anyway). It’s a nice looking bottle with an unfamiliar label, drinks smooth, does not need food to cut alcohol or acidity, and even though it lacks complexity has a nice flavor profile. I may order some for just that.

Nicely done :slight_smile: