School Movies: Schoolvies

I demand Class of 1984.

Van Wilder.

Charlie Bartlett

Come onnnnn!!

Seriously, they’re not even trying.

Accepted (2006)

What’s going on here?!

not a great deal on sixteen candles and fast times at ridgemont high and breakfast club…Amazon has all three, in one set, for less than $10.00…they are DVD not bluray…but still…

Not a great deal on others either.
Amazon has Ferris Bueller for $9.78, Heathers for $8.49, and Rushmore for $25.59.

Optical media. LOL…

I remember 2006…

I get can get these much cheaper at Walmart with no cost on shipping. Although the ones on woot may be blu-ray, I don’t see them being a good deal. I can get the American Pie 1, 2, 3 and 4 for less than $20 elsewhere.

I have to seriously wonder about someone who doesn’t already have titles like “Animal House”, “Fast Times”, and “Election” in their library.

It’s higher quality than streaming services. If you can’t tell the difference, you should head over to the TV deals and get a new one.

You can get them on VHS super cheap. You could probably even find some of these on CED for even cheaper. Just because BD has considerably better picture and sound quality, I don’t see why they would cost a couple dollars more.

I never get tired of Animal House. But alas, I am the last person in the free world who does not have a blu-ray machine.

Second to last, I don’t have one, either.

Nor I. If only there was a website where we could get a good deal on a blu-ray player. If only.

How about “The War At Home,” a documentary about the early anti-war protests at UW Madison,WI in the early 60’s? Show you kids that not everyone looked like Hollywood hippies. And that you don’t have to sit back and just let war happen.

By the way, one fellow who got roughed up pretty bad by the police later became MAYOR of Madison and the SAME Police Chief who oversaw the police actions was still in office. Talks about payback!

No “Real Genius”? C’mon!

Troma: Class of Nuke’em High.

Great collection.
I’ll add “Three O’Clock High”. One of my favorites and one of the best fight scenes ever!

For those that say there are better deals I say look on the bright side - these aren’t refurbs!! Woot! Win! or W!W! as I like to say. Actually I have never said that before but mark my words I will now or at least consider it in the future… maybe not