I wonder which turtle is the teacher’s pet?

I don’t know why they let that punk blue turtle teach a class.

HAH! I get to keep the farm!!

Congrats! I knew the Kart fans wouldn’t let this one go by.

I still want to punch the blueshell…PUNCH!!!

Totally dig it! I’m down for 1

curses vehemently

I stayed up for this…

Is it just me, or does the write-up lack its usual luster? Seems kinda…droning.

Ah yes, the Blue Shell of DOOM.

I’m glad to see these turtles trying to educate themselves on the danger of cars.

I just helped a turtle across the road today, as a matter of fact. Remember to always take them the way they’re already going!

Congrats. My teenage daughter is in for one just to put salt in my wound :slight_smile:

in for 1

Ooooh blue turtle shell…how I loathe thee.
That blue-shelled turtle better hope he never meets me in a dark alley. We have a score to settle!

I w00ted

“Blue shell: The great equalizer.”

You can go ahead and put that on my Mario Kart tombstone.

Speaking as a correctional lenses wearer, glasses would be extremely unhelpful if you were racing down Star Road to sabotage first place. Goggles. Prescription goggles. That’s what you need Mr. Turtle.

Clearly you can see (from his kind demeanor) the Blue Shell is just misunderstood.

Quality post, and if it was Facebook, Like button.

Wait, there are live turtles inside those shells when you fire them? That’s kinda cruel, because the blue ones blow up on impact these days. (and the others eventually crumble away)

Oh my goodness, please describe!

Class is still in session: Dodging the Blue Shell

My hunch is that the red shell turtle is the “A” student here. The green shell turtle just seems a little aimless…