Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

Absolutely outstanding knife. I have the schf9 and it always just felt a little bulky. Also have the bear grills ultimate survival knife and it was my go to for both my bug out bags.

I am fully prepaid to purchase 5 of these the moment they pop back up on here. Best price other than woot is $24.99 on Amazon. Being a loyal wooter, I’ll wait a while to see if y’all get more.

A+ Knife all the way!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m so happy you’re enjoying your knife. Have a good night!

This is an awesome knife for a great price! The shape of the blade would seem to make it usable in many applications. I’m really liking the thick full metal blade. Wish I had bought more for others but have gotten skittish with quality/condition of the items I’ve received recently.