Schrodinger’s Cat


I this like

Until you open the box, you won’t know if the cat’s tail has fallen off or not.

Freaky shirt. Btw site looks good on iPad.

So this shirt is both a winner and a loser?

I’d buy this shirt, but I’d be afraid to open the package when it arrives.

As a physicist, the ugliness of this shirt offends me :confused:

nicely wrapped

I’m beginning to own nearly as many brown shirts as I do blue ones. :open_mouth: in for 1.


Schrodinger was an evil, evil man. Why couldn’t he have picked something dangerous like a black mamba? I’m fine with a black mamba being both dead and alive at the same time. Or how about a zebra? Those are nasty creatures.

I can has shirt?

The font reminds me of ice cream, but I’m not sure Cat is my favorite flavor.

Was hoping for froggg D:bah.


I know, right?!?

yeah. In for 1. Fan o the Big Bang Theory… so yeah. Totally had to get one.

Five radiation symbols, but only four skulls. That’s good, right? It means Kitty is alive?

This is gettig ridiculous. First a cool design that doesnt follow the derby style at all. And then a psychedelic styled shirt that has no appeal. Meanwhile there is a underappreciated AlexDMC who has blown away the all stars of shirt.woot such as BootsBoots, SpiritGreen, and Jewelwing. If i wasnt white and nerdy, i would say that he may have recieved some greez.

Definately has the style and colors of something that might have graced a shirt in a bygone decade. Should also be available as an iron-on transfer.