Schrodinger’s Cat

Unless each radiation symbol is enough to kill 4/5 of a cat.

Yeah I can’t say that this appeals to me as a physicist. But the real question is, if a person tripping on acid is shoved into a box, will he get scratched by the quasi-alive cat?

As an ugly person, the physics of this shirt offends me.

I think this site does a good job of explaining the basic principal. Wiki uses a lot of big words. I sometimes miss the times when wiki was sabotaged by silly people. :smiley:

Didn’t expect this to get second place. Wonder what shirt will be sold tomorrow…

Tonight’s prize on “Lets Make a Deal” is a real surprise as you have the chance of winning a box that may or may not contain a live cat!

Love the concept. But wouldn’t my purchase of this shirt affect the outcome?

Me too…hopefully tomorrow.

I like this shirt, except for the radiation symbols. When Schrodinger presented his Gedanken, he suggested the cat would be killed by cyanide, not radiation. The radioactive material served only as a source of randomness (see’s_cat). I would have rather seen a vial of poison than the radiation symbols.

Oh well. That’s enough nit-picking for now.

There’s still tomorrow… I wait patiently and beg the staff to just switch the numbers and just print Tree Frog.

I can buy this and not buy this shirt at the same time!

EEEEEEEeeeee. I’m so happy!! Thank you everyone who voted for the kitty and left comments. I’m so happy. I don’t even know what to do.

Well, other then buy another day of internet at the hotel. =D

There’s no superposition of states here - the probability of getting the Schrödinger’s Cat shirt is 1, so never fear. When it gets interesting is Random Shirt day. Then when you open the package, the wavefunction collapses from thousands of possible states down to one.

I’m sure that Dirk Gently can solve the mystery of the Schrodinger’s Cat…

I bought one. Let us observe and see how the outcome will be affected.

It means I ran out of space for skulls. =D

In for one!

But seriously, can we have a few less brown shirts? Was grey busy? Or even basic black?

About time! I am so happy for you!!

It beats the fruity hell out of Cream. Just be happy they staunched the flood of cream.

Meh, this whole Schrodinger’s cat thing is pretty much a dead issue anyway.