Schrödinger’s Equation



But… the cat doesn’t exist! Math does! Wait… wasn’t that the point? ARGH!


Is that the formula for what’s in a cheezburger?


Is it a cat or an equation? Perhaps it is both at the same time? O__O


Oh gooooooodness I’m glad this made it. You have no idea.


There’s nothing I love more than a dead cat. At the same time, there’s nothing I love more than a live cat


Oh gooooooodness I’m glad this made it. You have no idea.


Been waiting for this one!


I demand that we have derby about Reasoning and that someone designs a shirt displaying Occam’s razor!

Excellent design ramyb, very nerdy.


Yes, this is awesome. I’m glad they let ramyb fix the equation to have h-bar instead of h.




Will there be a shirt in the bag when it arrives at my apartment? Will I be home? Will it still be 2011 when it finally arrives by SmartPost?


I was really hoping for Fun with Fibonacci, but at least now I have a Christmas present for my friend.


good thing the cat can exist in two states simultaneously!


I’ll pretend to hug myself for a bit.


When I can understand this shirt I can begin my plans to take over the world…I think…


Thanks for explaining my joke to me.


I’m not a math nerd. Is there an actual equation in there, or is it just a bunch of mathy symbols strung together?

I’m trying to figure out how Schrodinger applies to this, besides it being math as a cat. Is the equation an equation AND not an equation at the same time?


I would prefer the shirt in binary, but that is just me.


That’s gunna be the most confused cat ever!