Schrodinger's Shirts

FINALLY a side sale in which I have all the designs!!

I’m most partial to @Diana Sprinkle’s first printed design here, Schrödinger’s Cat, then @ramyb’s Schrödinger’s Equation and glow-in-the-dark Schrödinger’s Cat. It still bugs me that @Nathan Pyle’s The Cat in the Box is missing the umlaut …

I finally found a place for my Le Chat poster. I’m so happy that printed as a poster . I’d love to get the tote bag and shirt, but my wallet is in a very definite state of empty.

I am disappointed. The photo at the top implies that some sort of apron is available, yet I do not see an apron. Perhaps it is in a simultaneous state of being and nothingness, and I lack the ability to perceive its existence? Sadly, it seems that there will be no Schroedinger’s apron for me.

I have the black shirt with the equations, but my cats have deposited so much hair on it that I cannot wear it. Hell hath no furry like a hypothetical cat used in a thought experiment!

I have three of these…and now have an uncontrollable desire to possess the other two! I think I have a Schrodinger problem…