Schug Sample Red - 3 Pack

Schug Sample Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Carneros Syrah
1 2006 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Sonoma Valley Merlot

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Where have you been?

When in the course of human events, one decides that he needs a good wine, this Schug Sample Red - 3 Pack is for you.

What?! Aw, crap. I had him tied up in the basement! The dirty rat went & escaped!

If only their Cab Franc was in the pack, I’d be in!

Like the acidity here. The Syrah is surprisingly high at 8 g/L, though in my experience Syrah with higher acidity can be a knockout by combining that body and dark fruit with real freshness. Nice pH on the Cab and Merlot given the rather moderate TAs.

Price point looks real nice.

Yeah Corrado was trying catch up on QPs but I got out! Back from Italy…

Courtesy of CJ:

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That’s a shame, I would probably do the same…

BTW, I tried one of the NY winery’s Cab Franc. (I’ve checked three different stores near me and it’s the only one that any of them carry that is a Cab Franc Varietal)

It’s a 2009 and it was decent, but could use a year or two in the cooler.

You’re in luck, the Cab Franc’s in there! There’s been no varietal CF bottling from Schug since 2005. It all goes into the cab and merlot. I think someone there pioneered that little trick…

Wow, lots of dead pictures in your sig!

I think that we have a certain affinity for having our wines be 75% or more CF. They are a very rare find it appears.

EDIT: THIS is what we want in the package!

Coders at play … the images come and go due to Woot Server issues. They are fine sometimes, and sometimes one or more are missing.

It’s mostly been acting up since just before the Woot-off (which is how we knew there was one coming soon).

Edit: And at 10:36pm PDT, all but one are back.

I see how he does it now. His first post was simply “Schug” then he just kept editing and editing…

I’m on to you Cesare!

2006 Schug Carneros Estate Carneros ‘ Ricci Vineyard’ Syrah at The Wine Spies.

2006 Schug Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley at wineaccess.

2006 Schug Merlot Sonoma Valley at Grape Stories.

Schug Winery on Yelp

Anyone else read the label as Chug at first and then question the price point?

Yes, the “S” is silent…

Wow, just checked out Schug’s Library and they have sorts of large format bottles. How about it woot?

Yes, I read the tech notes on the front page. I just like Cab Franc-heavy wines. That is all.

You might as well be telling me there’s Pinot Noir blended into the Syrah, ergo it tastes like Pinot Noir. OK, maybe that makes a fine blend, even superior to the sum of its parts. But I am looking for terroir-specific expression of certain varietal.

Yes, this is exactly what I want. Browsed their wines last time Schug was on W00T, so I know it exists.