Schumacher 410 Continuous Watts, 820 Peak Power Converter

is this pure sinewave or modified sinewave?

A Google search on the model’s manual says it’s modified sine wave.

This is an inverter, not a converter. Inverters input 12 volt DC and output 120 volt AC. Converters do the opposite.

Per Schumacher, it’s a converter.

Schumacher site

Gonna have to go with jstoc here. Regardless of what Schumacher calls it, it’s changes DC to AC. Strictly speaking, that’s an inverter, not a converter, unless electrical naming standards have changed in the last 10 years.

Maybe the American public understands ‘converter’ easier than ‘inverter’? I don’t know.

Inverter: DC to AC
Converter: AC to DC

Pretty hard to argue with a manufacturer that has the device itself labeled as a converter.

Bottom line is – is this a good deal for a device to run an AC device off your car’s battery or a marine battery? I’m thinking it is –

UPDATE: Just sent an email to Schumacher to ask about this. It’s driving me crazy. I’m ready to eat crow if necessary.

UPDATE #2: Well, 9 hours later, and no response from Schumacher. That’s not a good sign for their level of customer service.

They are correct, this is definitely an inverter no matter what the website says! Considering the serious issues this thing has had and damage to car alternators it has caused I would stay away!