Schumacher 750 Continuous Watts, 1500 Peak Digital Power Converter

Hello Wooters!! Can anyone tell me if this converter has a cigarette lighter adapter for power in or is it strickly a positive & negative power in from a car battery only?

Vendor confirmed that it comes with a vehicle adapter.

Yes but please note. When you plug these types converters into your cigarette lighter, they will top out at 150w. That seems to be an industry standard. Plugged directly into your battery gives you the max wattage. I looked for the link where I’ve read that but it makes sense. Looking at the gauge of the wires going directly to the battery and the converter vs the wiring going from the battery, to your fuse box, to your cig.

Great point. That’s probably because a standard “lighter” plug is on a 15A fuse (15A * 12V = 180W, 180W * 80% max load rating = 144W). This safety margin ensures you don’t fry the tiny wires in the fusebox for the plug in the car, but if you want to use anything close to what this unit is rated for you, need to use big wires with D-ring terminals hard-wired onto the battery like any high-load accessory would be, like a big light bar or winch, etc.

I’d assume you could use this to run a decent sized refrigerator while out camping, but it would draw down a small car’s starter battery fairly quickly and then you’re stuck without a boost from either another car or a portable jumper battery.