Schwinn 120 Upright Bike



Woots been selling a lot of exercise equipments lately…

Are you guys trying to tell me something?


Oh look, an exercise bike!

Or, as it would be known in my house, a clothes hanger/cat toy!


Too bad it doesn’t have a cup holder for my slurpee.


Anyone knows what year model is this? Thanks


Schwinn 120 Upright Bike - Price Comparisons and Reviews

Woot Today = $199.99 + $5 shipping
Woot is $30.28 Less next lowest price found

ebay = $284.99 + Free Two Day Shipping

Amazon = $235.27 + Ships Free

Sports Authority = $239.99 + Ships Free

Customer Reviews: 49 people on Amazon rate this product 4 our of 5 stars.

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This looks like the one I own, and I purchased it at liquidation in 2010, so its probably an '09 model.

To the guy bemoaning the fact it doesn’t have a cup holder - it does, in fact. It’s not shown in the images, but if you look at the picture from behind the bike you can see the two holes in the front post. This is where you can mount a cup holder (I believe it will take any standard bike sized bottle holder)


Sure is a pretty fella. I saw somebody like that in real life, once.


I’ve been really happy with my Schwinn exercise bike I got from Woot a few years back. 2,500 miles and counting. Would definitely get another.


Is the 2012 model noticeably different/improved over the 2009?


Yes the new model is noticably different. All changes are in the console. Instead of a large and easy to read display, the new one has a tiny window that’s hard to read. This was so they could squeeze in a fan that is very underpowered and some mp3 speakers. Also now has a thin red wire that they call a “book holder”.

I would rather buy the earlier model but it is still a hell of a deal and a solid bike.


There are a couple of stand out differences in the two machines with warranty not being the least. I suggest perspective buyers of either check out the full stats on both and then decide the better piece of equipment for the buck.

The Schwinn Warranty states,
Warranty: Frame-5 Year, Mechanical & Electric-1 Year, Wear Parts-90 Day Schwinn

The Sunny Magnetic Upright Bike
SF-B915 Warranty states,
Limited Warranty *Our products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three months. The warranty applies for the purposes intended, under normal conditions only. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal and typical wear, accidents, unreasonable use, negligence, improper care, damage from abuse, or unauthorized repair.

If believed to be defective, please return the product with your receipt to our warehouse. If reviewed and found defective, we will repair or replace the item at our discretion. The warranty does not cover shipping charges to the service department. Other repair and/or service fees may apply if the product is not covered under the warranty guidelines.

There is no warranty for commercial use*

Among the several other differences in the two may be construction as the Schwinn is rated up to, 275 Lbs. and the Sunny up to, 220 Lbs.

Looking at the Specs, total package and warranty on both bikes it does not seem like an “apples to apples” comparison. The $69.99 price difference may be well worth the product difference. Of course that would be up to the buyer to decide.


This is the 2012 model.


Do I need to buy a power supply separately???


I think you may be wrong. this is the 2009 model.


I agree. Amazon says this about 2012 model:
Features include MP3 music input port, speakers, two speed fan, water bottle holder, and transport wheels


Wife’s been wanting one for awhile. But all the enclosed ones like this that we wanted were too expensive. (We can’t have exposed spinning wheels because we have 2 cats that jump at anything that moves. And no, my wife doesn’t appreciate whatever joke you’re thinking of.)

For the new year, her company has announced that all workers at remote sites that can’t access the company gym will be reimbursed up to $150 for any exercise equipment they buy. So that pretty much seals the deal.

TLDR: In for one.


OK and I understand so I won’t say what I am thinking but just know I am ROFLMAO at what I am thinking and not saying.

But anyone that has spent hours washing and waxing their car just to go in the house for a bite of lunch and come back to find paw prints all over it knows exactly what I am thinking.


The price from Amazon is $199.99 with free shipping, will there be a price adjustment here?


The Amazon price was posted after Woot. Ironic since Amazon owns Woot now.