Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike



3.8 out of 5.0 stars with nearly 60 reviews over at amazon

[MOD: I believe that’s a new model than the one we are selling.]


There’s definitely some reviews here…


Where do you put your beer?
There’s no red solo cupholder.

Sportsdrink is what I meant to say.


The display on this one is far superior to the previous model offered

If I could swap the display on mine for this one, I would do it in a heartbeat.


We’re selling the same bike this time. Same display.



Ah, too bad! The pictures show the display from the older model which has the larger LCD, no fan, no MP3 audio connection.


Right. Look at the pictures on the sale you linked. Am I missing something?


It’s a very good bike. The flywheel is very smooth and quiet due to the magnetic resistance. I can literally bike with someone sleep a few feet away. The magnetic resistance also allows all the fancy programming that the computer has, i.e. to simulate a hilly ride. The negative side to magnetic resistance is that you need electricity to run the bike. The display is detailed and the moving bar graph is fun to watch. And the bike is surprisingly compact. Of all the bikes we considered – all had advanced displays and programming – the Schwinns have the smallest footprint.


FYI, the computer used for this bike is also used for an elliptical stair stepper. In some models, the computer was mistaken set for elliptical mode so you’ll see messages like, “Just a few more steps!” I forget how to do it but switching modes was very easy.


I own this bike, bought it on Amazon for 25% off (still $10 more than this) about a month ago. I am very happy with the bike and use it 5X a week along with the elliptical I bought about the same time. It rides like a much bigger more expensive bike. The only problem is that the seat has loosed up a couple of times (side to side) and I have had to tighten it back down…and the display is impossible to read in normal light. It took me about 1 hour to put it together and that was taking my time.


Two things:

  1. This is cheaper by $20 than the previous woot, now at $179.99
  2. Reading the Amawho reviews, concerns on the seat being too hard? Easy to change?


Is that Michelle Obama on the bike… Man the economy must be really bad to have the 1st Lady “peddling” exercise bikes…


I was wondering that myself, as it was my first thought. I think it may be easy enough to put one of the gel covers onto to at least take some of the discomfort away.


Approximately how long is the power cable?


I bought this bike a couple weeks ago when Woot was charging $20 more. (insert ‘Sad Panda’ emoticon)

Woot had it on a Monday, I clicked the ridiculously large button, and it was at my door on Thursday. Not bad for $5 shipping.

The bike works great. The supports are wide and give it a solid, stable base. As others have commented, the display is ‘meh’ and I would say the fan blows, but not very well. But it’s not like the wife is training for the Tour de France (she doesn’t like needles) it’s just for her to pedal away while in front of the TV. (Proximity to our TV also makes the MP3 input pretty useless).

So, I say you should buy it. Then you can laugh at me cuz you got it for $20 less then me. But I get the last laugh because I have a two week headstart, and it’s hard to catch me on a stationary bike.

Edit: Power cable is about 6 feet.


I thought that the one Woot sold/is selling was the older one that does NOT have the fan or MP3 stuff.


For those that have this, how easy is it to move around? I am thinking of keeping it in my basement but storing it in the workout / weights room and moving it out in front of the big basement TV roughly 20 ft away.


Based in the display in the w00t write up versus Amazon ( this one clearly is the 2009 model.


For those who have this, how much assembly is needed and how difficult is it (and how difficult to do solo?)

I’m considering pretty hard, but that’s going to be the sticking point for me.