Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer

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Bummer. Just bought into a gym membership. With five bucks shipping, I would rather have had this.


This is very easy to assemble and an overall good eliptical. I recommend

Decent price, but my wallet is all the way across the room. Maybe next time.

Don’t buy this. I had one. The masts are not welded properly and break rendering machine useless.

It gets 3.5 stars on Amazon, and sells for $350. The biggest complaint is that it is sometimes missing parts, and that it’s not the highest quality of construction.

What I REALLY want is my old Schwinn Stingray with the high-rise handlebars and sparkly banana seat.

I consider buying a ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer instead.

Quite the expensive clothes hanger.

For the money, not a bad deal. 200+ lb consumers may look for something built better though

$5.00 Shipping! you can get a Subway footlong for the same price!

That link tells you not to buy it before reading the article because there are Amazon affiliate links interspersed throughout. And there’s no real insight that can’t be taken from Amazon reviews. In fact all he does is list specs and copy-pasted reviews directly from Amazon.

Seems like the “Don’t buy ___ before reading this” is a template the guy uses to catch google hits on various products in order to get Amazon commissions.

Ellipticals are the best for working out. They don’t hurt your knees or back!

Why not, somebody is gonna do it, and its the first good place to look for a variety of reviews for most products. The article you linked to is a mass market type bot driven/limited human interaction created page that is just taking the same information from Amazon and re-posting it.

Walmart has some real human reviews as well.

Run Forest RUN!

Just buy a Sony PS3 Playstation with Move bundle. Saves space and gives you as much workout…

Is there a way to buy an extended warranty for this one, like the one they mention through Amazon? It would stink to have one break at 45 days and have to pay for repairs…