Schwinn Airdyne Upright Stationary Bike

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Schwinn Airdyne Upright Stationary Bike
Price: $229.99
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Good Reviews over at Walmart

This ain’t the AD6, which I had hoped it would be. Class D Ball, not the bigs. Get the AD6 and we got a deal. Pass. But thanks for saying it’s the AD2; I almost bit.

Over my lifetime I have purchased varies types of Stationary Bikes, alas they all turned into coat hangers and dust collectors. Always to be banished to the basement. Now I use the local health clubs bikes.

I can only vouch for the Schwinn brand, as I own a Schwinn 860 treadmill. I purchased the treadmill here on woot several years ago and it has delivered EVERYTHING IT WAS ADVERTISED to deliver…and I put a lot of miles on it. It still works today as well as it did when I bought it about 4 years ago. One other thing, the woot price was at least $500 less (maybe more than that) than I would have paid if I purchased in any of the sports department stores locally.

I also own an exercise bike which I purchased before I bought my Schwinn treadmill. Had I purchased a bike after the Schwinn treadmill, you could be certain it would have been a Schwinn.

Woot - Slimming down America one person at a time…

Ewww! The germs! The germs!

I’ve owned the same one for 15+ years and it’s bullet proof. However the one I own is more like the AD6 model than the one pictured here. If the AD2 has similar craftsmanship to the one I purchased years ago, this is a good deal.

15 years ago it was a very different world. I’m SURE that the products are also very different.

Now appearing at a garage sale near you!

Seriously, after my wife wore out our original Nordic Track, I kept finding dusty unused ones all over…one was even on the street with a FREE sign!

Many charity thrift stores no longer take exercise gear, so it is a buyers market.

However, a lot of what you find is poorly designed “as seen on TV” gimmicks with names such as “Butt Buster” or “Fat Flipper.”

Situps, pushups and squat thrusts are cheap and you can take them with you.

The question is whether this is the SAME company or simply somebody who bought their name and is riding on the history while importing products from China.

RCA? Polaroid? Sunbeam? Westinghouse? Bell+Howell? Mostly just names on a sticker.

You are right. Schwinn was bought out by a Chinese company. This is not your father’s Schwinn. But this could still be a good product. Looks like a good deal for $229.

Is the tension on the handlebars adjustable?

How loud is it? Will they hear it in the apartment below me?

This seems rather expensive for a clothes hanger.

It’s hard to describe the resistance (tension) on an airdyne, but the faster you go, the harder it is to sustain that pace. The resistance comes from the large fan pushing air, so at low speeds it seems quite easy, but as you up your RPMs to a casual bike riding pace, it still feels easy but you’re working pretty hard. Crank it up to 60 rpms and most people can’t hold that pace for 10 minutes…

And yes, it will rumble quite a bit.

“Henri’s friend Eric, a learned barber who collected the first editions of writers who never had a second edition or a second book, decided to give Doc a rowing machine he had got at the bankruptcy proceedings of a client with a three-year barber bill. The rowing machine was in fine condition. No one had rowed it much. No one ever uses a rowing machine.”

—John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

How do you contact woot? I have sent emails to them about a product I received that was damaged, and have not received even a bot response.

Ride a bike to nowhere, in style.