Schwinn and Mongoose, Together at Last

What sort of things do you look for in a new bike?

Doe anyone know what the frame size is for this bike?

Pink and green women’s bikes? Seriously??? Are we in preschool? Can’t they make black/red/dark blue women’s bikes too? :frowning:

What is the frame size?

Size 700cc
Color Black
Brand Mongoose
Model S2724
Released on 2012-06-25
Dimensions 9.50" h x
35.00" w x
55.00" l,

That’s not the frame size, you’re giving the dimensions of the bike. Generally bikes like these are sold on the small-medium-large continuum. It’s really important to have this information otherwise you can end up with a really uncomfortable ride. I’m on the fence until more information is provided.

The frame size of the Schwinn S2724 Seneca 700cc Road Bike is 18 inches. People around 5"7-6’1 would be perfect for this bike. Also the discussion forums for all the bikes are combined so when asking for the frame size you might want to say the name of the bike, that way if a moderator or a random person knows they can give you a heads up.

Where i got the frame size information: Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat.

What to look for depends on how you’re going to use the bike. But technical details aside, you should get a bike that fits, is comfortable, and is adjusted properly. Unfortunately, getting all three of those things from a bike bought over the internet would be almost purely chance. JMHO you’re better off spending a little more and buying at a bicycle shop, where you can test ride bikes that meets your needs and budget.

The Schwinn S4014 is not a 7 speed, it’s a 21 speed. Whoever writes these descriptions needs to take a closer look at the pictures.

If they used the correct photo of the red Mongoose mountain bike, it also has a monoshock rear suspension, not just a front suspension fork setup.

EDIT: it does indeed have full suspension. Here is a surprisingly good review of it by Pros, considering it’s a department store bike: Bike Review: $199 Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum

I am looking at the Schwinn S9ZSUBS Suburban mainly just for local bike paths.

I am 6’4" and this has the Extra Large Frame option. However, I really could not find much sizing information for this bike or very many reviews.

Any experience with this bike for tall folks?

Does this ship via UPS?

Schwinn S2892TG Women’s 3-Speed 26" Fiets Touring Bike needs a correction. The title of the bike is 26", but the wheel specs are 700c which are road wheel size. So, which is correct? 26" or 700c wheel?

Not getting it…is the Schwinn S4014 Miramar 26" Men’s Comfort Bike a 7 speed like described here or 21 speed like it is everywhere else on the net?

the drivetrain is a 7 speed one… which means that the spoked wheel around the pedals is 7 speed. The total speeds available are 21, since there is the multiplier of 3 (including the rear shift wheel as well).

Using paired spokes on a high spoke count wheel is just plain stupid. You get all of the problems but none of the benifits of paired spokes.

Frame sizes for road bikes are usually stated in centimeters, and measured crank to top C-T, or top to top T-T. My Cannondale road bike is a 59cm.

Buying a road bike without a proper fitting, or knowing if the bike is correctly sized for you is foolish.

Really, about the only benefit to low-spoke-count paired spoke wheels is that they look cool. Regardless, either the description or photo is wrong. The description on the Schwinn road bike says 36 spokes, but the photos shows 24.

The sanctuary is cheaper with fsss @ Amazon…

Paired spokes solve a real problem with spoke tension twisting the rim on low spoke count wheels.