Schwinn Bikes

The Schwinn Herald road bike is NOT designed to race, as the product description suggests. A flat handlebar and large platform pedals are a dead giveaway. I’m sure it’s a very nice bike for getting around campus, but its geometry looks completely wrong for speed.

No kidding, that bike is just an alternative form of transportation and nothing more.

I bought my most recent Schwinn back in '97 or '98 after saving up a bunch of money in middle school. It was a Mesa GSX - a true mountain bike, albeit entry level. I don’t think the current Schwinn makes anything up to even that level.

It’s a shame what Schwinn has become :frowning:

While I do lament the fall of Schwinn from the “Homegrown” days, I’m happy to see an entry level 29er being offered.

I can’t speak to this model in particular, but I love being able to throw slicks on my King Kahuna to join my buddies on their road rides. 29er mountain bike rims are the same diameter as 700c road wheels, so as long as you stay with tires wider than your rims (32mm is usually safe) you can mount true road tires on your mountain bike.

On the trail the larger wheel also lessens the jarring bumpiness of the root strewn singletracks I frequent in South Georgia and Florida.

Does anyone know if the bicycles come pre-assembled?

I’ll email our buyer and confirm one way or the other. I’ll come back and update my post when I hear back.


I’m interested in the two 26" women’s models and the DSX Unisex bike. Do any of them come with kickstands? Their descriptions don’t include that information.

On Amazon the DSX Unisex bike comes in extra small/small and medium/large. Which size is the one offered here?

@bljteach and @kimiye, I emailed the buyer, I’ll post back when I have an update for you guys!

UPDATE: All the bikes have kickstands. We’re still waiting on size and assembly info.

UPDATE 2: all these bikes require some assembly.

At a minimum, the front wheel, seat and seat post, handlebars and stem, and pedals will need to be installed. Then the bike will be assembled. But assembled is a long way from properly adjusted. No major brand bicycle is properly adjusted from the factory, not even the ones sold at independent bicycle shops. The manufacturer assembles them for efficiency and cost, not accuracy. The bearings are always too tight. Many if not most of the nuts and bolts will have been dry assembled and lacking lubrication. The brakes and gears will be out of alignment and will require fine tuning. The spokes won’t be stress-relived and the wheels will need truing.

Get it professionally assembled, or if you have one in your area, take it to a bike co-op that can help you put it together. The bike will run better and last longer.

Schwinn went bankrupt in 1993, was purchased by an overseas company and the company started to decline. In 2004 Dorel Industries of Canada (Cannondale, Mongoose and GT bikes)purchased Schwinn.

What’s the update on the size info for the unisex bike?