Schwinn For The Win

just an ok deal

Yeah? Can you find a better one, or are you just not a Schwinn sort? :slight_smile:

Lots of folks around the office are talking about getting fit… who has a Schwinn and would like to tell me about them?

Why don’t they tell you the frame size so you know if it will fit you or not?

I need a 21inch or XL frame. Do any of these have this? I’m interested in the Delta sport and I know the 2007 is only a medium size frame. What size is the 2008, because I don’t see it listed?

Second this, not sure if any of these would fit the bill. I can see the 16" is too small and 26" is too big. What about the frame size for Delta or Rocket?

I’ve inquired in the past about frame size availability and their response back was: “the size is listed in the product description.” I wanted to reply back that “26” is a wheel size you knucklehead!" but it was already sold out so I didn’t. I wonder if these are the returns from that sale a couple weeks ago from people that didn’t fit on the frame they got! Their front line customer care may not know the available frame sizes.

Almost ready to bite on this, I just need to know the frame size in centimeters for the large RS 5.0 bike. Anybody have any clue?

Same here! Woot staff, can we get frame sizes on all the bikes?

x3 on the specs

according to this site:

The large is 56cm. I can’t find anything on the Schwinn website.

What, no fixie?! That’s just not hipster-friendly!

Maybe they changed the description since you asked, but both say 17".

They must’ve listened… Says 19"… 2.54cm/inch= approx 48cm.

No, the specs for the RS Large and Medium still say nothing, but if you click on the bike detail, the title has a size in inches on it.

I like the way the specs are presented on the Women’s Crest Hybrid 700C spec page, please do it like that. “In the box: (1) Schwinn S4936 Men’s 700C Road Bike Large” is not a spec.

On a road bike I ride an XL or a 58cm (aprx 23" but road bikes are NEVER sized in inches!)…
Last winter got a mountain bike and learned something new - they are sized differently and in inches - mine is a M - 21" ??? It is a Trek so not sure if some other company size differently BUT seems that something is way wrong with these measurements.

The only saving grace is that if you do get a bike a bit small you can always raise your seat post a bit (look for the line on the seat post and dont raise it above that), as well as your handlebar (NOT always). You might be able to get a bit of a change in your pedals/shoes but not much… and with a road bike there isnt much you can do with tires!

If you are really pressed on getting a Schwinn from Woot maybe give Schwinn a call.

FYI: Frame sizes have been added for the bike where available. You’ll find it in the product title on each sale page.

Hope whoever buys this is proficient in bike building, or has a local bike store that is willing to build it for them. Amazon reviews say it might take some time.

Good job wootazon, I much prefer you to be selling schwinns than those horrid mongooses. Mongi?

Read some of the Amazon reviews. They talk about sizing…one guy was 5.08" said the medium frame was a good fit, the large frame was just too big. Another guy was 6.02" and said the large frame just fit him…

Get thee to an actual bike shop. ‘Frame size’ means little, as every company measures it differently.

Schwinn used to be a real USA company. Now they are just a generic Chinese brand, coming out of the same factory as Pacific and all the other things you see at Walmart.

I repeat…get thee to a real bike shop, ride several in your price range, take home the one you love.

The 26" Searcher is available in quantity for $153, new, unopened, shipped, from a large vendor on eBay.