Schwinn Journey 1.5 Upright Bike

This is the Schwinn 170, not the older 130. You can tell as the 170 has elbow pads on the handlebars, while the 130 does not.

So, I bought this bike about a year ago from Sears and it’s still holding out. Of the similar priced bikes available at the time, this one was the best quality build and comfort. That said, I’ve got a few warnings:

  1. Always try out an exercise bike in a showroom, if you can, as they tend provide very different comfort levels based on your height, weight, arm length, etc. One thing you’ll notice about this model is that even though the handlebars can be adjusted to tilt up or down, the steering column itself CANNOT be moved. The seat height can be adjusted up or down and back or forwards (slightly) but the pedals are fixed relative to the handlebars. If you have different arm and leg proportions than their “average,” you might wind up having to ride with a crouch to keep your hands in the “optimal” spots.

  2. Be very careful about impacts. A guy I know had the same model and tripped over the cord, which made the unit jump up and hit the ground. This killed the electronics and the process of getting it repaired/replaced was a huge hassle for him.

  3. Keep in mind that this is not a high-end, gym worthy bike. You often get what you pay for when it comes to exercise bikes, so don’t expect this to be a super-durable powerhouse machine.

Having said this, I still recommend this at the price. I paid about $75 more (when it was on sale) and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth from it. It’s a good starter bike if you don’t feel like dropping a thousand bucks on a better machine that you’re not sure you’ll be able to stick with in the long run.

You are correct. The “Journey 1.5” is a different name for the same product sold elsewhere as the “Schwinn 170.” The 130 is a different model that has fewer features overall (and is less expensive).

How noisy is this? I bought one from Walgreens, of all places, but the “wheel” makes a load thumping noise every rotation and the neighbors complained - to the police. It only cost $100, but it is amazing how well it actually worked otherwise.

What a great way to get to know thy neighbor calling the po po on them. I’ve lived next to that neighbor once myself.

They use magnetic resistance, so they’re not all that noisy. They’re not 100% silent, but they’re relatively quiet compared to the machines that use (for example) wind resistance or water resistance.