Schwinn Journey 8.5 Treadmill

What percentage is the max incline, please? 5, 10, 15%

Does anyone remember back when Woot only had one thing per day and it was fun to see what it was? I mostly only check haphazardly these days…

From the specs:
Incline Adjustment: Motorized, 0-15%

Anybody know the dimensions once the treadmill is folded up for storage?

Thanks! Originally it just had “Motorized” and I wasn’t sure if this was the same as the 870 or 830…870 it is! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s horrible when a company wants to grow and create jobs.

Amazon bought Woot. The guy who created woot started Meh… Same concept that woot started out with. Same humor.


How well does this support freshly laundered loungewear?
I plan to use it way more for a clothes drier than for exercise.