Schwinn Katana Road Bike

Schwinn is quality. They are built to last.

14 speeds?? I thought road bikes had like 42??

Does anyone know how this weighs? Will I fit on it if I’m only 5’3"?

I sure hate that I’ll have to miss out on this one.

I sure hope it’s too big for me.

I’ve been looking for a cheap road bike. Alas, I am six feet tall. Next time, sport.woot!

It’s an OK deal; less so when you factor in having it professionally assembled. You could try putting it together yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so. The manuals typically supplied with bicycles are poor to non-existent. A bike shop bike may be a bit more expensive, but it is a better place to buy a bicycle if you haven’t a clue about fitting, assembly, or even if this kind of bike is right for you.

Schwinn was quality in the 90’s. Pass and get a trek.

The specs on the main page show the following:

Recommended Rider Height: 5’6" to 5’9"

Too bad it’s not the 58 cm frame. But then again I have an old Schwinn that I haven’t rode in ages…

No thanks, I’ll keep my Independent Fabrication

Schwinn makes two levels of bikes these days, bike store bikes (their “Signature” line) and mass market bikes sold in the 'marts. This one is the latter. If you have to buy a mart bike, Schwinns are better than the other makes. It appears to be a model not shown on their site, but it very similar to several models selling for about $250. It’s an ok deal, but this is not a high end machine.

The frame is too tall for someone short, so it is moot that it doesn’t have a women’s option.

This is a low end bike, low end frame and very low end components. Contrary to the upper comment schwinn bikes are not considered high quality for most enthusiasts. You will see few to none schwinns at any race.

What I am trying to say is this is just a bike and not a bike you will race or even ride very long distances. If you are short (a 54cm frame should not be ridden by a person taller then about 5-7 or so even though they say 5-9), on a budget and don’t mind a fairly harsh ride then this bike may be your ticket.

That said any bike ride is better than sitting on the couch.

the brand name was purchased in bankruptcy Court in the 90’s. Not the same company. The old bikes from the 60’s and 70’s are rock solid I have one in the basement my wife rides it occasionally it still looks new.

If I had to guess, it probably weighs 27 lbs. or so. Unless you have a short torso and long legs, it won’t fit…and even if you did have long legs, the distance between the handlebars and saddle would likely be too great.

I’m 5’7" and this looks about the size of what I ride. It will probably be a little on the tall side for you.

As a bike guy, this is an OK bike. If you don’t ride it too hard, this will last a couple of years. Couple of notes, though.

Schwinn will likely NOT honor the warranty unless the bike is assembled by a trained bicycle mechanic. This has been true of most bike brands, but Schwinn is notorious for having horrible service these days. Most local bike shops charge $15-20 for this level of assembly. Some Wal-Marts will do it too, with prices ranging from free to about the same as a LBS.

Secondly, the wheels included are 24-spoke paired, not 36-spoke paired as listed. Count the spokes.

Overall, a cheap bike is a cheap bike and probably won’t last long. If you want to see if you like roadie bikes, get this, or even better, go try one at a bike shop, or borrow one from a friend. Then hit up Craigslist where you can get a much better used bike for about the same price.

Also, aluminum frames are stiff. As in you will feel every single imperfection in the road stiff. Again, if you’re not riding much, whatever, but if you want to ride a lot, you might look at a different frame material…

HOLY HIPSTER, BATMAN! Fixies = Darwinism at work before your very eyes.

This would look great if you were riding it in those awesome red Fuse-ion Tevas!!! They have “spider rubber” that make them slide proof! Got some in the woot-off, and they ROCK!